Forget what you think you know about false eyelashes. Lash extensions are SO different than traditional false lashes – not stiff, not for one-night occasions and not fake looking. Lash extensions are truly like your own lasts, only longer, fuller and better. If you are thinking about lash extensions here’s the scoop on what you need to know.

1)     What are they made out of? Advanced Skin and Body offers two types of lash extensions – authentic mink and synthetic mink. (Yes, mink, but don’t worry, no minks are hurt in the process, they are simply combed for loose hairs.) The benefits of mink include a more natural and feathery appearance, but they come at a bit more cost. On the other hand, synthetic lashes offer a more uniform appearance yet still feel soft and natural.

2)     How long do they last? The initial application of lash extensions can last for weeks at a time, and with regular fills your lashes can last indefinitely.  Forget messy glue and taking time out of your daily routine to apply lashes every day, once your lashes are applied there’s no maintenance (other than periodic fills) to worry with you are ready to start every day with lush lashes from the moment you open your eyes. (And yes, they are water-proof, so enjoy swimming without fear!)

3)     Why do you need fills? Like scalp hair, you shed your natural eyelashes in a cycle. As new lashes grow, old lashes fall out to make room for new ones.  Since extensions are attached to natural lashes, your extensions will naturally be shed with your real lashes. Since this happens over time, regular fills keep your lashes lush.

4)     How long does it take? The initial process for lash application takes about two hours as 60-120 individual extensions are meticulously adhered to your own lashes. This painless process is so relaxing that many patients are lulled to sleep during the application. Fill procedures take only approximately 45 minutes, so you can keep your lashes lush on your lunch break.

5)     Will I still need mascara? Another step you can eliminate from your morning routine (and your budget) – mascara! With last extensions, you will no longer need to mess with mascara. The extensions will naturally darken your lashes, so you will have the look without the work.

All of our lash stylists are professionally trained by Xtreme lashes and are available to answer any other questions you might have. For more information and to book an appointment, call our office at 425-643-5772.  If you have been dreaming of lashes like the stars, you need the stars’ secret weapon – Xtreme lashes last extensions from Advanced Skin & Body Solutions.

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