Nurse Injector at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions

After completing the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at the University of Washington in 2009, Kevan quickly obtained a job at Virginia Mason’s operating rooms. While there, he served as the youngest charge nurse for the hospital’s surgery center and specialized in the Facial and Reconstructive Plastics and Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Surgery. During this time, he worked closely with Dr. Craig Murakami, MD, a leading facial plastic surgeon, who emphasized the importance of revision and reconstruction while maintaining a natural appearance in patients seeking treatment. He also became well versed in facial anatomy and assessment while assisting with surgical and aesthetic procedures.

Three years later, he joined Calidora Skin Clinic, later to become SkinSpirit, where he refined his injection skills and naturally artistic eye. During this time he took part in many pieces of training from world-renowned injectors including Michael Kane MD, Steve Yoelin MD, and Mauricio De Maio MD. In 2015 he was recognized in 425 Magazine’s 30 Most Successful People Under 30.

As of late, he has been recognized for his efforts to educate people on the importance of natural looking botox and filler. Patients report that Kevan’s results leave them feeling refreshed while maintaining their natural features. He has been recently given praise by industry leaders and reps in his use of Hylenex to dissolve filler for a more pleasing and natural Aesthetic result for clients that have been over injected – a subject previously taboo in the industry.

Kevan now brings over 4 years of innovative injection and aesthetic procedure experience to work under Dr. Jodie Reinertson, MD at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions and Cosmetic Skincare. In his free time, he writes for his blog Pretty4thePeople ( and enjoys spending time with his two American Shorthair cats, Bridgette and Nigel, and his loving boyfriend, Marshall, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.