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Completed set of Xtreme lash extensions

Anyone who has had a bad experience with eyelash extensions is likely to contribute to the fears and myths that have grown up around this exciting beauty revolution. But you have to admit, millions of women cannot be wrong.

Like anything else in the world of beauty, eyelash extensions can be applied correctly by a highly trained and skillful stylist, or incorrectly by someone of lesser skill and training. In addition, a great range of quality exists in the products. Fortunately, the positive experiences far outweigh the negative ones. However, the myths endure and, because some people still have fears surrounding eyelash extensions, they are worth looking into.

Eyelash extensions are a luxurious addiction and well worth it when skillfully applied using high quality products. Consider the time, patience, and skill required – it takes anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. And, consider the care that is required applying them to the area around the sensitive eye. When applied correctly and skillfully most women will do whatever they must to maintain this alluring habit – even if that means giving up a few lattés and lunches every month.

With “lash lounges” popping up in every mall and on every corner with minimally trained lash stylists, you may be tempted to be seduced by a low price. That’s how the fears and myths got started. Don’t subject yourself to anything less than the highest quality.

Bellevue eyelash extensions

Before on the left, After on the right

Do your research. Have a consultation with an exceptional lash stylist and ask lots of questions before you book an appointment. Know your options in terms of length of extensions as well as the products used. And be aware of this common myth.

Myth: Lash Extensions damage natural eyelashes causing them to fall out.

But the Truth is: Eyelashes have a natural life cycle of 60 – 90 days. The correct application is one lash extension to one natural lash. A full set is when one single extension is applied to every lash that is long enough and healthy enough for an extension. The positive aspect of the correct technique is that the real lashes continue to grow and when the growth cycle is complete, they fall out with the extension still attached.

When an inexperienced person applies lashes, they often apply one synthetic lash to several natural lashes. This causes unattractive clumps and causes lashes to break and fall out prematurely.

Other reasons this myth is still prevalent is that some women try to remove the lash extensions themselves and pull out their eyelashes. Stylists trained to apply lash extensions correctly are also trained to remove them correctly.

Good quality eyelash extensions are weightless. They look and feel absolutely natural. Forget the myths. Set aside your fears. If you want undeniable alluring, sexy eyelashes, find the best lash stylist, make an appointment and believe your own eyes!

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