About Microneedling

First, we cleanse your skin and apply a strong topical numbing cream for 20 to 25 minutes. Then we clean away the numbing cream and use the SkinPen® to your areas of concern. This device makes tiny punctures to stimulate your body’s own collagen-producing repair mechanisms. Microneedling preserves the overall integrity of the epidermal layers allowing your skin to heal smoothly.


About PRP

Our own blood contains a healing property called platelets and we use the platelets from your own body to rejuvenate your skin. We start by extracting blood samples and treating these samples to separate platelets from impurities like red and white blood cells. This produces plasma with high concentrations of platelets, which is why it’s called “platelet rich” plasma. Our trained and certified staff inject the platelet rich plasma into the skin, which stimulates growth and healing by generating new capillaries, improving blood flow, and enhancing collagen production. Results that are typical of PRP include tighter skin, more toned skin, smoother skin, and colour-corrected skin.


Combining Microneedling and PRP

When we combine microneedling and PRP, we apply the platelet rich plasma to the skin as we use the SkinPen®. The SkinPen® pushes healing properties into the skin as it makes tiny punctures to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms. Most patients report smoother, more beautiful, younger-looking skin after the first combination of microneedling and PRP and results improve with each treatment.


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