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Applying eyeliner every morning, and touching it up before going out in the evening is one beauty routine that takes time, patience, skill and dedication. Granted, it doesn’t take gobs of time, but sometimes, unless you have a deft hand, it looks like you are wearing gobs of makeup! Have you ever dreamed, like so many of us do, of having a personal makeup artist to apply your makeup every day? Not just eyeliner – everything –lips, lashes, eyebrows, eyeliner.

We’re not all wealthy enough to have a personal makeup artist working for us everyday. Perhaps for special occasions we treat ourselves. However, there is a way to have perfect makeup permanently.

Find An Exceptional Permanent Makeup Artist

With the mainstream popularity of tattooing, the art of permanent makeup is making a much welcome come back. Permanent makeup has been around for centuries. According to Cosmetic Surgery Forums, “This procedure is not new, as it dates back to the Egyptian days of Cleopatra (the Queen of Egypt), thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is believed to have been adorned with permanent makeup and Egyptian mummies have been recovered with face and body tattoos intact. Also, the ancient Japanese art of Tebori boasts full-body tattooing intricately done by hand.”

Without a doubt, the primary desire for permanent makeup is vanity. However, the art provides solutions to medical problems as well that can make people feel whole and restore their confidence.

The Natural Beauty of Permanent Makeup Requires Artistry, Skill, and Subtlety

The beauty of permanent makeup is a look that is natural — the result of artistry, skill, and subtlety, as well as an understanding of color and facial symmetry. When selecting an artist for your permanent make up, you will want to consider a variety of factors. Education, state and local certification for safety and cleanliness, and the experience of the artist/aesthetician are crucial and carry equal importance.

A skillful artist can create the most natural look that will make you feel pretty and polished. Be sure to ask for a free consultation with the Aesthetician and ask to see before and after photos. Ask to speak with clients who have had the same procedures you are considering. Ask to see the equipment and where the procedure will be done.

According to Tawnya Lemley, Permanent Makeup Artist, Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent Lash Stylist in the Seattle area, “You want to be sure that the artist you select to do your permanent makeup has the same idea of beauty that you do. You must trust their knowledge of color. Ask lots and lots of questions until you are completely satisfied.” With twelve years of experience as a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, Tawnya has seen her share of clients who did not ask enough or the right questions and have come to her for corrective work. Fortunately, Lemley’s skill level and artistry is above and beyond the average. Sometimes she can make corrections, but cautions those considering permanent makeup to be patient and thorough in their selection process.

Imagine waking up with your best face on. Imagine going for a swim, doing hot yoga, or dancing the night away in the hottest club with the confidence that your make-up is absolutely perfect. Or imagine having the scar on your lip beautifully camouflaged forever. Imagine being able to have your make up perfectly applied if you have Parkinson’s Disease, MS or any other condition that makes it impossible for you to apply your makeup on a daily basis. Imagine having your permanent makeup artist create symmetrical areolas after a mastectomy. The applications for permanent makeup are far reaching

The point of permanent makeup is to feel confident and beautiful, pretty and polished. Carefully selecting your artist, based on experience, safety, cleanliness, artistic ability, and your personal idea of beauty will far exceed whatever price you pay. And, in the long run, it’s much less expensive than having a makeup artist running around behind you!

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