Too stubby. Too thin. Too fair. Droopy. Straight.

There are many aspects about our lashes that we can feel insecure about. Some women turn to mascara and eyelash curlers to correct or elevate their lash appearance. But curling one’s eyelashes daily and consistently wearing waterproof mascara can damage them in the long run.

Some turn to eyelash perms. Similar a perm for your hair, a certified professional uses a perming solution to curl back lashes. Unfortunately, eyelash perms do not always result in the best looking lashes. (No one wants comedically curled lashes.)

What answer can one turn to when they want beautiful lashes but without a great hassle?

Good News: Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is now offering an eyelash service that may be your perfect solution.

Lash Lifts are the exciting new way to give your natural lashes the body, length, and volume you’ve always wanted but with as little maintenance as possible. With the use of a safe, Keratin cream, this unique lash service LIFTS lashes, rather than simply curling them, leaving lengthened and curved lashes. Paired with our lash tinting service, you’ll be leaving our spa with beautiful, long, dark natural eyelashes. This solution is more affordable and requires less maintenance than lash extensions. Why not let your natural lashes shine?

Make your mascara and curler irrelevant. Schedule an appointment today!