Our Price List


Original PriceFirst Time & Packages PricingMonthly Special
Microcurrent Facial$139Intro Facial: $99
2 Facials Package: $180
Clear Skin Facial$139Intro Facial: $99
2 Package: $180
Mommy-to-be Facial$139Intro Facial: $99
2 Package: $180
Regenerating Facial$149Intro Facial: $99
2 Package: $180
Brightening Facial$149Intro Facial: $99
2 Package: $180
Pumpkin Dermazyme$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Winter Radiance Facial$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Spring Radiance Facial$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Customized Dermazyme Facial$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Our Signature “Ultimate Age Defying Facial” $179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Youth Booster Facial$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198
Young Again Facial$179Intro Facial: $110
2 Package: $198

Facial Add-Ons

Original PriceMonthly Special
Add On Lip Wax$15
Add on Lash Tint$20
Add On Brow Tint$20
Add On Eye Mask$20
Add On Brow Wax$20
Add On LED Therapy$35
Add On Brow and Lips Wax$35
Add On Extractions$35
Add On Brow and Lash Tint$35
Add On Microdermabrasion for Chest or Hands or Back$50
Add On Oxygen$50
Add On Glyclolic Peel $50
Add On Lactic Acid Peel$50
Add On Microdermabrasion for Face$50
Add On Dermaplaning to Face$50

Eyelash Extensions

Original PriceMonthly Special
$100 OFF
Classic Full Set of Xtreme Eyelashes (2-2.5 hrs)$300
X-Wrap Full Set$325
Ellipse Full Set$325
Volume Full Set$350
Partial Set of Classic Xtreme Eyelashes (1.25-1.5 hrs)$200
Regular Fill (1- 1.25 hrs)$200
5 Classic Fill Package$380 ($76 each)
5 Ellipse Fill Package$420 ($98 each)
Volume Fill (every 2-4 wks)$110
5 Volume Fill Package$490 ($98 each)
Classic Extreme Fill (over 3 wks not to exceed 5 wks)$100
X-Wrap Extreme Fill (over 3 wks not to exceed 5 wks)$110
Ellipse Extreme FIll (over 3 wks not to exceed 5 wks)$110
Volume Extreme Fill (over 3 wks not to exceed 5 wks)$130
Classic Mini Fill (45 mins, Before 2 wks)$65
X-Wrap Mini Fill (45 mins, Before 2 wks)$75
Ellipse Mini Fill (45 mins, Before 2 wks)$75
Volume Mini Fill (1 hr, Before 2 wks)$90
Touch up (10-15 lashes per eye) *existing clients only$55
Lash Removal *free when full set is purchased$50

Permanent Makeup

Original procedure fees include one follow-up visit (if needed). This follow up visit must be performed within 6 months of the original procedure. A touch up within 6 months of a paid service is complimentary!
Original PriceMonthly Special
Consultation with TawnyaComplimentary
Microblading for Eyebrows$625
Eyebrows (2 hrs)$525
Upper Eyeliner (60 mins)$445
Lower Eyeliner (60 mins)$425
Upper/Lower Eyeliner (90 mins)$525
Eyelash Enhancement for Upper Lids (90 mins)$445
Eyelash Enhancement for Upper/Lower Lids$525
Full Lips (2 hrs)$725
Lip Liner (90 mins)$595
Beauty Mark (30 mins)$125
Touch Ups (90 mins)$120 per 30 mins. (time determined at consultation)

Chemical Face Peels

Original PriceFirst Time & Packages PricingMonthly Special
Firm and Glow Peel$175Intro Peels: $125
2 Package: $230
Vitamin A Baby Boomer Peel (Mid-Depth)$225Intro Peels: $175
2 Package: $320
Melanin Lift Peel$225Intro Peels: $175
2 Package: $320
Fire and Ice Peel$175Intro Peels: $125
2 Package: $230

Skin Medica Chemical Peels

Original PriceFirst Time & Packages PricingMonthly Special
Illuminize Peel Single Treatment$175Intro Peel: $125
2 Package: $230
Vitalize Peel Single Treatment$225Intro Peel: $175
2 Package: $320
Rejuvenize Peel Single Treatment$275Intro Peel: $225
2 Package: $420

Dermal Fillers & Botox Injections

Original PriceMonthly Special
Botox Injection$13/unit under 100 units OR $11/unit with 100 units
Juvederm Voluma$875/syringe
Juvederm Ultra XC$550
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC$550
Restylane Silk$599
Radiesse 1.5ml$595

Body Slimming & Contouring

Original PriceMonthly Special
Introductory Sudatonic Infrared Slimming and Toning Body Wrap$65
Sudatonic Infrared Slimming and Toning Body Wrap$100
Introductory Synergie Cellulite Treatment$65
Synergie Cellulite Treatment$100
Package of 4 Synergie Body Toning Treatments$400 ($100/treatment)
Add on a Synergie or a Sudatonic to Either Service$65

Sunless Tanning by Versaspa

Original PriceMonthly Special
Introductory Tan$15
Single Session$30
Package of 3$39
Unlimited Monthly$49
Anti-Aging Moisturizer Add-On$10
Double Dip Session Add-On$10


Original PricePackage PricingMonthly Special
Introduction Microdermabrasion Treatment (30 minutes)$69
Single Microdermabrasion Treatment (30 mins)$99
Microdermabrasion for the Back (45 mins)$110
Microdermabrasion w/ LED Therapy (45 mins)$129Package of 2 Treatments: $170


Original PriceMonthly Special
Introductory Dermaplaning Treatment$125
Dermaplaning Single Treatment$175
Package of 3 Dermaplaning Treatments$390
Add On Customized Chemical Peel or Enzyme$50

Eclipse Micropen

Original PriceMonthly Special
Introductory Micropen Treatment$250
Micropen Single Treatment$325
Package of 3 Micropen Treatments$695
Add On Neck, Chest, or Hands$85

Hair Waxing

Original PriceMonthly Special
Lip (15 mins)$10
Chin (15 mins)$10
Brow (20 mins)$15
Face (30 mins)$40
Lip & Brow (35 mins)$45

Brow & Lash Tinting

Original PriceMonthly Special
Brow Tint$40
Lash Tint$40
Brow and Lash Tint$50