There are many skin care treatments available today, all with different unique benefits and drawbacks. Many common skin concerns involve only the outer layers of the skin, making a more abrasive treatment unnecessary. Find out how you can benefit from a skin care treatment like dermaplaning in Bellevue, for your surface level skin concerns!

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Gentle and Noninvasive

More aggressive skin care treatments can give you significant improvements, however, these treatments often come with uncomfortable side effects and some recovery time. Patients who don’t want to undergo a more abrasive procedure can benefit from dermaplaning. The gentle treatment only targets the surface of the skin, carefully scraping away the very outer layers to reveal fresh, healthy skin beneath. Following treatment, there is no recovery or downtime necessary. Because dermaplaning is so gently on the skin, it can be repeated once a month for optimal results.

Improve Imperfections

During dermaplaning, surface level imperfections are improved. This includes dry and dull skin caused by dead skin cells, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation. Dermaplaning also results in a stronger, thicker dermis which leads to more elastic skin and fewer fine lines. Along with the top layers of skin, peach fuzz is removed as well, leaving the skin completely smooth.

Optimize Other Skin Care Products

With peach fuzz and dead skin cells removed, products can be absorbed into the skin more effectively. Patients can get the most out of their skincare products by choosing to have dermaplaning first. Your skin care professional can recommend which products you should use depending on your skin concerns.

To learn more about dermaplaning or our other skin care treatment options, contact Advanced Skin and Body Solutions today. We can provide you with more information and schedule your appointment with one of our skin care professionals.