Jordan: Hello and welcome to CoolCast, with Bellevue, Washington business owner Jennifer Washburn of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions: it’s the country’s #1 CoolSculpting Provider. I’m Jordan, the Marketing Director here, and Jennifer, thanks for chatting with me again!


Jennifer: Thanks for having me again.


Jordan: Of course. I wanted to switch gears and get what knowledge we can from you about injectables.


Jennifer: Sounds good!


Jordan: In my understanding, Advanced Skin and Body recently added Pro-Nox in Bellevue for injectables. Can you explain how that came to be introduced at the spa?


Jennifer: Sure, clients were asking for something they could have during certain treatments that were less comfortable… We typically put numbing cream on the area, but now we also have the opportunity to use what dentists use: Laughing gas. It’s fast acting, and also leaves your system quickly. We watch clients for 15 minutes after Pro-Nox and then they can drive home. During treatment, you just feel a bit more floaty. You don’t care that you’re having injectables done. If you’re getting a lot of fillers in your face (with many pokes), a lot of folks can tolerate it without Pro-Nox. But it’s nice to have it around! It’s a good tool. We’re even using it for Microneedling w/ Radiofrequency and also now, eventually, stay tuned for 2022 for the Thread Lift. It will be cool to have Pro-Nox for that.


Jordan: So, I know that it’s self-administered. What do you think is the method that they use? Is it something that they hold in their hands during the entire treatment?


Jennifer: Sure, it’s like a little tube. Hold it in your hands and breathe in gently. You can use as much as you need. It’s a safe way to take the edge off. You’re still aware of everything, you don’t fall asleep, but you don’t care about the sensation of treatment.


Jordan: Since we’ve introduced Pro-Nox in Bellevue, how do you think clients and our staff are responding to it?


Jennifer: Mainly I’ve seen that some people who didn’t want injectables before (they were nervous) now know they can do something to be less nervous! That includes our staff members too. They’re more willing to jump into treatments now. I think it’s a great addition. It’s not going to give you better results, but it will make it easier for the patient. The technician or Nurse Practitioner will also be more comfortable doing the treatment. It’s a nice thing to have.


Jordan: Right, and it’s offered all over the country and North America as well: As a solution to help with anxiety and pain during treatments. So it’s by no means a “new” offering.


Jennifer: Yes, we decided there were enough people that could benefit from Pro-Nox, so we added it!


Jordan: Shifting gears to the entire Aesthetic Injector team: In your view, Jennifer, what do Dani Roberts and Felicia Forrest (ARNPs) each bring to the table in terms of unique expertise and experience?


Jennifer: They’re both amazing. We were so lucky to get Felicia to be our Medical Director. She has so much experience. They were both involved in women’s health care at some point before going into aesthetics, so they have a unique perspective. It doesn’t make a difference for Botox, for instance, but it helps answer client questions. Also, they are both clearly amazing injectors! I can’t say that one of them specializes in something over the other. They’ve spent years doing Botox, Juvederm, lips, cheeks, and more. One thing that Dani now has been chosen for: She’s a trainer for QWO (cellulite reduction), and will be training other medical spas!


Jordan: Great news! Good for her, I’ll be sure to ask for pictures of that training.


Jennifer: Felicia is amazing too. One of her talents is keeping things very natural. They say “the best injectable is not detectable” – and I feel a lot of pride in our spa for doing natural-looking injectables. People, when they go out don’t know that you’ve had injectables. You want to look naturally beautiful. Felicia is very good at that. We have a team and they’re amazing together. They go on training trips together. We’re so lucky to have both Felicia and Dani. They collaborate, if one has a question they’ll call the other into the room for help. They have meetings every week about new treatments, trainings, etc. We’re trying to stay on the cutting-edge of what people are looking for. That’s one of the reasons we brought Pro-Nox in: to stay current.


Jordan: I agree. Having been in the room with both of them, chatting with clients, it’s natural-looking and they also spend time at the start asking clients what they want, where’s the area of focus, etc.


Jennifer: For sure, they’re both great at that. I’m fortunate to have two experienced injectors that follow what I would like to have at our medical spa. They also believe in customer service, delivering on what they promise, and we want everyone to be happy. We like people to call us if they aren’t happy. If your Botox doesn’t quite do what you wanted two weeks later, come back in so we can fix it! We can make it better. Maybe you wanted no movement in your eyebrows, and one is moving slightly… come back in! We’ll fix it for you. That’s what we do at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. We want you to be happy.


Jordan: Yes, I think you’ll find that reading reviews of the spa. I’ve seen a lot of clients happy with their treatment and the follow ups: making sure they’re happy with the result.


Jennifer: We do care. It’s only fun for me to have this business if I know people are happy.


Jordan: That’s a good segue: in terms of Aesthetic Injector treatments, what’s the most popular? And what’s your personal favorite?


Jennifer: Oh Botox, Botox, Botox! It appeals to everybody. You can do a little Botox in your 20s to prevent wrinkles, you can do a lot when you’re 80 to keep wrinkles from coming. You can do Botox pretty much on everyone. To me, it’s a no brainer. It’s easy to do, it’s safe, it’s quick. You don’t want a wrinkle? Put Botox in it and it’s gone. It takes a couple of weeks the first time (to see full results) but it just works. That’s why I like it so much. I will never not do Botox, especially in between my eyebrows and on my forehead. You get points when you do it from Allē, and you can keep doing it every 3-4 months. Sometimes older people have to come in more often, but continue doing it and it keeps wrinkles gone for life.


Jordan: Okay Jennifer, thank you for sharing your views about the Aesthetic Injector team and treatments. That’s all I have today, but I look forward to talking with you soon about other treatments!


Jennifer: Thank you, Jordan!