Of all the unfair beauty myths, the most frustrating is the notion that acne is a teenager’s problem. The truth is many people suffer from adult acne, which can be even more embarrassing because of the perpetuated belief that this problem magically goes away after a certain age.

The good news is that because it is such a prevalent problem for adults, there are adult solutions — solutions that combat many adult skin issues at once including acne, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. How’s that for an adult solution, tackling all of your skin issues with one treatment?

Two procedures offered for adult acne at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions are Microdermabrasion and Blue Light Therapy. And in addition to fantastic results seen by our clients with acne, they are both well-known to rejuvenate skin and give it a more youthful appearance (minus the pimples).

Let’s take a look at microdermabrasion first. A combination of blasting your skin with aluminum oxide crystals and suction by a vacuum helps remove the top layer of skin cells. The crystals act as an abrasion element, gently peeling off the deal layers of skin, while the vacuum gently pulls the dirt and hardened oils from clogged pores. The process also stimulates collagen production, which is essential for keeping the skin tight and pores small. As pores are unclogged, future breakouts are prevented while the appearance fine lines and wrinkles is also minimized (thanks in part to the collagen stimulation). In addition to cleaning out active acne, microdermabrasion also helps rid your face of unwanted acne scaring, further reducing the embarrassing appearance of acne.

While some patients notice subtle improvements after one treatment, a series of treatments is often recommended to further clean out the skin. Regular treatments can help patients maintain soft and clear skin. Imagine clear skin that is also tighter and brighter, that’s the power of microdermabrasion. Since this procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime. However, patients may experience some redness immediately following the treatment, like a windburn, that should subside within a few hours.

Another option to consider for acne is an acne blue light facial. During this 30-minute procedure, a special blue light is focused on the face by way of a hand-held wand. The bulbs in this wand aren’t your average light bulbs, this special blue LED light has a specific wavelength that penetrates the skin and effectively kills acne-causing bacteria allowing the skin to naturally heal on its own. While acne is eliminated by destroying the bacteria, the light also encourages cellular production, which leads to a softer smooth texture.

The light procedure is completely painless; in fact, many patients find the warming light soothing. Additionally, there is now downtime with the blue-light facial and many patients find that they are able to return to work immediately after the procedure. Because of the gentle nature of this treatment, it can even be added to some of our other services so you can enjoy the benefits of multiple procures together.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions we are dedicated to helping you fight all of your skin care battles including acne and wrinkles, so while it may not be fair that you have both, we are here to help. Visit www.eastsidebodyandskin.com or call 425-643-5772 to learn more or book your appointment.