For some time, people believed certain foods, such as chocolate or foods rich in oil, caused acne.

Though this is a myth, eating well and maintaining other healthy habits, such as exercise, can

clear up your acne and reduce the occurrence of new breakouts. Several healthy foods can help

you eat your way to clearer skin.

Fish, Flax, and Nuts

Most Americans know they need protein, but they tend to get it from omega-6 fatty acids. These

are fine in moderation, but too many can cause acne to flare up. To keep your skin clear, cut back

on omega-6 acids and focus on omega-3 acids. These are traditionally found in fish as well as

other high-protein sources like nuts; walnuts in particular. You can also get omega-3 acids from

grains like flaxseed. Consider adding them to a bowl of granola or a breakfast smoothie.

Green Tea

Green tea is filled with powerful antioxidants, including ECGC. Korean researchers recently

found drinking green tea reduces the size of your sebaceous glands, which are often enlarged in

people with acne. If you don’t like to drink tea, try placing a cooled tea bag or cloth dipped in

green tea on vulnerable facial areas for 10-15 minutes a day.

Foods With Probiotics

Did you know your gastrointestinal tract’s health can predict how much you’ll struggle with

acne? A 2011 study found intestinal microflora and other bacteria aggravate acne. To prevent

this, eat plenty of foods containing probiotics. Examples include miso soup, pickles, dark

chocolate, and yogurt. Many Asian foods, like kimchi and tempeh, can also help.