It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Liz Taylor was born with a rare mutation that gave her a double row of thick black eyelashes. (Source: mean really, naturally violet eyes and a double row of eyelashes! Some girls have all the luck.

Well, don’t go getting envious of Liz’s lashes. The mutation Liz was born with can,  and in most cases does, lead to all kinds of eye problems. Besides, if you really want to experience a fit of jealousy, focus your attention on the camel. They are the mammals with the longest and thickest eyelashes of all.

I never recommend one bit of envy. It’s a poisonous emotion that only hurts the one experiencing it. I do, however, highly recommend getting the lush eyelashes of your dreams. Whether you were born with thick lashes and they have thinned out over the years, or whether you were born with thin, light colored lashes that are barely visible. Now you can have eyelashes that would even make Liz dizzy with envy!

Russian-Style, 3D Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, having landed in the U.S., we get to turn up the volume and the beauty on our eyes.

These 3D synthetic lashes are so much thinner and lighter than the classic eyelash extensions that a single natural lash can accommodate; the new ones with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 fan-like extensions per lash. That means if you have 100 eyelashes, you could have 200, 300, 400 or even 500 more lashes with the Volume Upgrade Extensions. Imagine the dramatic difference that lushness would make framing your eyes!

If your natural lashes are full and you simply want to add a bit of length or curl, classic lash extensions are still the perfect choice for you. However, if your lashes are sparse, thin, and barely visible, Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions will take your eyes to new extremes of beauty.

The FOXC2 Gene or Foxy Too

Apparently Liz Taylor’s double line of lush lashes came about as a result of a genetic mutation in the FOXC2 gene.  Sounds like “foxy too, ” doesn’t it? Even her genetic mutation sounds beautiful! You can look foxy, too with Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, without the worry that usually comes along with that particular genetic mutation.

Be super selective when choosing both, the salon where you have your Volume Lash Extensions applied and the training of the stylist. As always, look for a pristine environment, excellent products and exceptionally trained stylists.

The experienced lash stylists at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions have successfully completed advanced training to apply Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions. They’re ready to “volume-eyes” your lashes whenever you are ready to look like you were born with thick, full, beautiful eyelashes.

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lash extensions Bellevue
Completed set of Xtreme lash extensions

Anyone who has had a bad experience with eyelash extensions is likely to contribute to the fears and myths that have grown up around this exciting beauty revolution. But you have to admit, millions of women cannot be wrong.

Like anything else in the world of beauty, eyelash extensions can be applied correctly by a highly trained and skillful stylist, or incorrectly by someone of lesser skill and training. In addition, a great range of quality exists in the products. Fortunately, the positive experiences far outweigh the negative ones. However, the myths endure and, because some people still have fears surrounding eyelash extensions, they are worth looking into.

Eyelash extensions are a luxurious addiction and well worth it when skillfully applied using high quality products. Consider the time, patience, and skill required – it takes anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. And, consider the care that is required applying them to the area around the sensitive eye. When applied correctly and skillfully most women will do whatever they must to maintain this alluring habit – even if that means giving up a few lattés and lunches every month.

With “lash lounges” popping up in every mall and on every corner with minimally trained lash stylists, you may be tempted to be seduced by a low price. That’s how the fears and myths got started. Don’t subject yourself to anything less than the highest quality.

Bellevue eyelash extensions
Before on the left, After on the right

Do your research. Have a consultation with an exceptional lash stylist and ask lots of questions before you book an appointment. Know your options in terms of length of extensions as well as the products used. And be aware of this common myth.

Myth: Lash Extensions damage natural eyelashes causing them to fall out.

But the Truth is: Eyelashes have a natural life cycle of 60 – 90 days. The correct application is one lash extension to one natural lash. A full set is when one single extension is applied to every lash that is long enough and healthy enough for an extension. The positive aspect of the correct technique is that the real lashes continue to grow and when the growth cycle is complete, they fall out with the extension still attached.

When an inexperienced person applies lashes, they often apply one synthetic lash to several natural lashes. This causes unattractive clumps and causes lashes to break and fall out prematurely.

Other reasons this myth is still prevalent is that some women try to remove the lash extensions themselves and pull out their eyelashes. Stylists trained to apply lash extensions correctly are also trained to remove them correctly.

Good quality eyelash extensions are weightless. They look and feel absolutely natural. Forget the myths. Set aside your fears. If you want undeniable alluring, sexy eyelashes, find the best lash stylist, make an appointment and believe your own eyes!

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Bellevue permanent makeup

Applying eyeliner every morning, and touching it up before going out in the evening is one beauty routine that takes time, patience, skill and dedication. Granted, it doesn’t take gobs of time, but sometimes, unless you have a deft hand, it looks like you are wearing gobs of makeup! Have you ever dreamed, like so many of us do, of having a personal makeup artist to apply your makeup every day? Not just eyeliner – everything –lips, lashes, eyebrows, eyeliner.

We’re not all wealthy enough to have a personal makeup artist working for us everyday. Perhaps for special occasions we treat ourselves. However, there is a way to have perfect makeup permanently.

Find An Exceptional Permanent Makeup Artist

With the mainstream popularity of tattooing, the art of permanent makeup is making a much welcome come back. Permanent makeup has been around for centuries. According to Cosmetic Surgery Forums, “This procedure is not new, as it dates back to the Egyptian days of Cleopatra (the Queen of Egypt), thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is believed to have been adorned with permanent makeup and Egyptian mummies have been recovered with face and body tattoos intact. Also, the ancient Japanese art of Tebori boasts full-body tattooing intricately done by hand.”

Without a doubt, the primary desire for permanent makeup is vanity. However, the art provides solutions to medical problems as well that can make people feel whole and restore their confidence.

The Natural Beauty of Permanent Makeup Requires Artistry, Skill, and Subtlety

The beauty of permanent makeup is a look that is natural — the result of artistry, skill, and subtlety, as well as an understanding of color and facial symmetry. When selecting an artist for your permanent make up, you will want to consider a variety of factors. Education, state and local certification for safety and cleanliness, and the experience of the artist/aesthetician are crucial and carry equal importance.

A skillful artist can create the most natural look that will make you feel pretty and polished. Be sure to ask for a free consultation with the Aesthetician and ask to see before and after photos. Ask to speak with clients who have had the same procedures you are considering. Ask to see the equipment and where the procedure will be done.

According to Tawnya Lemley, Permanent Makeup Artist, Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent Lash Stylist in the Seattle area, “You want to be sure that the artist you select to do your permanent makeup has the same idea of beauty that you do. You must trust their knowledge of color. Ask lots and lots of questions until you are completely satisfied.” With twelve years of experience as a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, Tawnya has seen her share of clients who did not ask enough or the right questions and have come to her for corrective work. Fortunately, Lemley’s skill level and artistry is above and beyond the average. Sometimes she can make corrections, but cautions those considering permanent makeup to be patient and thorough in their selection process.

Imagine waking up with your best face on. Imagine going for a swim, doing hot yoga, or dancing the night away in the hottest club with the confidence that your make-up is absolutely perfect. Or imagine having the scar on your lip beautifully camouflaged forever. Imagine being able to have your make up perfectly applied if you have Parkinson’s Disease, MS or any other condition that makes it impossible for you to apply your makeup on a daily basis. Imagine having your permanent makeup artist create symmetrical areolas after a mastectomy. The applications for permanent makeup are far reaching

The point of permanent makeup is to feel confident and beautiful, pretty and polished. Carefully selecting your artist, based on experience, safety, cleanliness, artistic ability, and your personal idea of beauty will far exceed whatever price you pay. And, in the long run, it’s much less expensive than having a makeup artist running around behind you!

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eyelash extensions bellevue Some habits are harder to break than others. However when you spend time and money on one of today’s most seductive beauty treatments, you will want to do everything you can to break some long-held beauty habits — immediately. Eyelash extensions are stunningly beautiful. They are time consuming to attach and they must be filled in as the real lashes grow out and when extensions come unglued as sometimes happens. Next to the research you do to find an exceptional salon or lash lounge, after care is the single most important thing to consider. Whether you’ve already begun your lash addiction or are getting ready to lavish yourself with lash extensions, commit these few no-no’s to memory. When strictly adhered to, your beautiful lush lashes will last long, longer, longest between fills.

Say “no-no” to water

Make your eyes a wet-free zone for 48 hours. Stay dry! This is the number one rule for keeping those lush lashes attached. That means no crying, no swimming, no splashing your face with water. And avoid getting your face wet in the shower. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself to lash extensions before a wedding, or other important event make sure to schedule your lash application at least 3 days prior! And don’t watch or go to any sad movies! Or happy ones either if you are prone to tears of joy. Anytime after the first 48-hours, you can let the tears flow!

Say “no-no” to oil based products

Make your eyes an oil-free zone from now on. If it’s greasy, it’s got to go! Oil is a lubricant and even the strongest adhesives will come unglued. With your gorgeous, long, lush lash extensions you will no longer use oil-based eyeliner or make up remover. A line of oil-free products compatible with lash extensions has already been developed to remove eye shadow and eyebrow pencil. Your lash technician can make recommendations. And be sure to use lint free swabs around your lashes that won’t accidentally snag and pull at your extensions.

Say “no-no” to mascara

Make your eyes a mascara free zone. Remove mascara from your make-up case! You just won’t need it anymore. Lash extensions are a replacement for mascara. You may even find you’ll forgo eyeliner too, since the lashes attach at the lash line giving you the look of liner. Besides being a daily little time-saver, the money you save on expensive mascara can now go toward your lash fills. If you just can’t make the break from mascara, do be sure to invest in one that is compatible with lash extensions. You are now prepared to say yes to lash extensions and to look and feel more glamorous and beautiful than ever.

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eye∙lash ex∙ten∙sions  noun  \ī-lash ik-‘sten(t)-shәns\ 1)  single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied to individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer,  glamorous appearance  2) a common addiction in the 21st century Lashes, lashes, lashes!    They are everywhere.  When you see someone with “movie-star” lashes, these most likely are not the lashes they were born with.  Instead, these are probably the most popular beauty addiction of 2012—eyelash extensions.  This is a quick solution to give you those long, thick lashes that you’ve always dreamed of.  But, as with every addiction, there is always a downside.  If you are interested in this quick-fix  highly addicting service, you will find that there are some important things you should know before you trust just anyone to apply your lashes.

1)Brand/Ingredients: When deciding which spa, salon, or lash stylist to use, make sure you inquire about what brand of eyelash extensions and products they use.  The products you should ask about include the adhesive, primers, eye makeup remover, under eye gel patches, and the actual lashes themselves.  Are the products made in the United States?  What brand are they?  Do they have a list of ingredients in the products?  If the receptionist can’t answer these questions, find another place to do your lashes with a reputable brand.   Because of the popularity of lash extensions, many salons are now importing the cheapest products from foreign countries.  These inexpensive products do not have their ingredients listed and tend to have potent fumes which can cause an uncomfortable stinging sensation during and after application.  One example of a brand that has a complete list of ingredients and is made in the United States is  called “Xtreme Lashes”, the global leader in the eyelash extensions world.  Their quality products are effective and developed by a nurse. They come with a complete list of ingredients and are safe and non-irritating to your eyes.

2) Proper Sanitization Practices: It is important for any spa to be clean, but when you have someone working around your eyes, it is imperative that the workstation, the stylist’s hands, and the utensils have been properly sanitized.  Notice how the spa has been taken care of.  It is clean?  Ask the stylist how they sanitize their eyelash extensions implements.   Do they use acetone or another proper sanitizing agent to clean the tweezers before every client?  Is there hand sanitizer at the workstation to ensure that the stylist is properly sanitizing their hands before working around your eyes?

3) Training : You may have noticed that there are many “lash spas” or “lash lounges” popping up on every corner.  The state of Washington requires that the lash stylist either be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist.  Beyond that, there are no other regulations for applying eyelash extensions.  This means that any esthetician or cosmetologist can attempt to do this procedure without any training whatsoever.    Be sure to ask about the stylists’ training.  Did they get trained and by whom?  How long was the training program and was it a “hands-on” program or did they learn by viewing a video?   There are many salons out there that are offering their own “lash training” to other estheticians in order to make more money.  The problem is that these people have never been properly trained in the first place.  Xtreme lashes offers an intensive hands-on training program where the stylists are required to pass their level one class, in order to purchase and use the Xtreme products.  Some Xtreme stylists are “Directory Certified” meaning that they have completed an advanced two day training course in addition to their level one training program.   To be safe, look for a spa/salon with Xtreme stylists who are “Directory Certified”.

4) Experience: In order to do eyelash extensions properly, the stylist must have a great deal of practice before charging for their service.   How many full sets has the stylist completed?  How many years has the spa/salon been in business?  As was stated earlier, any cosmetologist or esthetician can perform this service.  You want to make sure the person you trust has experience before they work around your eyes.

5) Service Time: While many lash places tend to boast that they can do the service more quickly than others, this is NOT a good sign.  The process of applying a full set of lash extensions should take between 2 and 2.5 hours.  The process of doing a quality lash fill should be at least 1.25 hours.  When the stylist has been trained in the proper technique, they isolate each individual natural lash while they meticulously apply an extension.  At this point, the stylist must maintain the isolation for enough time for the adhesive to dry and for the lash to not stick to the neighboring lash.  When stylists go too fast, the lashes tend to stick together and look messy and clumpy with adhesive.

6) Cost: Be careful of places offering very low priced lash extensions.  If it’s very cheap, then most likely you are getting what you paid for—cheap, messy, extensions that will end up damaging your natural lashes.  Reputable and quality brands, such as Xtreme lashes, are costly and this is why spas that use their products must charge more.  As stated earlier, many places are getting their products at low prices and then rushing through the application to save time and money.  This is why they can charge next to nothing for their service.  Look for a good deal, but some things ARE too good to be true.

7) Liability Insurance and a Valid Business License: Do you want someone to work around your eyes who doesn’t carry liability insurance?  Make sure that the lash stylist carries their own insurance, or that they are employed by a spa that has adequate insurance coverage.  In addition, most insurance claims are invalid if the stylist isn’t working with a valid business license (in the State of Washington, this would be a “Cosmetology Shop License”).

8 ) After care products and instructions: When you leave the spa with your new, gorgeous extensions, it is important that you properly take care of them.  This will help you get the most of your lashes so you can go longer between eyelash fills.  Does the spa carry after-care products that you can purchase to take care of your lashes?  These products would include oil-free eye makeup remover and lint free swabs so you can properly clean your lashes and your eyes, which is very important for your eye health.  Some spas even carry special eyeliner and mascara that is compatible with the extensions.  Xtreme lashes has formulated its own liner and mascara which is perfectly safe to use with the extensions.   It is also important for you to be instructed to not get your lashes wet for 48 hours after the initial application.  Some spas will give you a complimentary disposable lash wand so you can properly groom your lashes.

9) Good reviews: Check out the spa’s reviews!  While there are some fake reviews on the internet, you can get a good idea of a spa by the number of Yelp and City Search reviews.  Look for trends in all of the reviews, rather than a just paying attention to a single positive or negative review.

10) Individual lashes on individual lashes: How are your lashes applied? Many spas are getting a very thick look quickly, by adhering more than one lash on each one of your individual lashes.  This creates too much weight on your natural lash, will cause your natural lash to fall out, and will eventually cause permanent damage to your hair follicle.  The other problem with this is that since there is not an individual lash on each lash, it is impossible to properly do a fill.  The only thing that the stylist can do at this point is to simply stack more lashes on the mess, creating more of a mess.  Because of this improper and damaging application, some spas are requiring a complete removal every other fill and then they start “fresh” with a new set.  If you are going to a spa that “stacks” your lashes, you will eventually permanently damage your own lashes.

11) Choosing the proper length and diameter of lash: While it would be wonderful if everyone could choose exactly what length and thickness they desired, it is simply not a healthy choice for your natural lashes.  Because lash extensions are applied to each individual one of your natural lashes, the stylist should only apply an appropriate length and diameter lash to your lash.  For example, if you have very short, thin lashes, it would not be good for your lashes to apply a very long and super-thick, heavy lash.  Your real lashes simply cannot support the length or the weight of that type of extension, and this may cause the clients’ own natural lash to be pulled out prematurely.    You may walk out looking fine, but will notice that over the next couple of days, your lash extension will droop, twist, and probably fall out….sometimes taking your real lash along with it.   On the other hand, if you have long, strong and thick natural lashes…..the stylist can put long and thick extensions on without any problem at all.

12) Style and Design: When the lash stylist is trained with a reputable lash training program, they are instructed to design the lash extensions in a way to enhance the clients’ natural beauty.  These training courses spend a good deal of time training the stylists on how to deal with various shaped eyes and what will look the best.  For example, in the Xtreme course, the stylists are trained to use at least three to four different lengths of lash extensions for each client.   A client should never have the same length used all the way from the inner to outer corner of the eye, as this doesn’t look flattering to the natural eye shape.

13) 100% Guarantee: When calling around and trying to find a good lash place, ask about their policies.   Be sure to find a spa that will stand behind their work, one that really wants you to be happy, and truly care that you are satisfied in the long run.    What hours are they available?  If you have a “lash emergency” will there be someone who can fix your lashes?  Do they offer a guarantee on their lash work?

In conclusion, you can see that there are many questions to ask before entrusting a lash stylist to apply extensions.  Do your research!  You will find that eyelash extensions can be beautiful AND safe when applied by a well-trained lash stylist.
Welcome to your new addiction…….

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Are you eyebrows and eyelashes thin, short, or gray?  If so, you have probably been told that there is nothing you can do about it.  And maybe in the past that was true—but today, thanks to AMPLIF-eye lash and brow fortifier, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions can have your lashes looking darker, thicker, and more sensual.  AMPLIF-eye is a healthy and drug-free formula that really works—and it’s available right here at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions.

A highly concentrated formula consisting of peptides and botanical extracts, AMPLIF-eye is designed to penetrate the roots of sparse lashes and eyebrows.  By nourishing and fortifying the follicles, this formula stimulates the production of thicker and darker lashes.  Not only are these lashes more attractive—but they are also healthier.  AMPLIF-eye is truly a win-win solution for anyone unhappy with sparse lashes and eyebrows!

While other lash products may consist of laboratory manufactured chemicals that may or may not be healthy, AMPLIF-eye is jam-packed with soothing and nutritious botanicals.  These botanicals include Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, Evening Primrose, Nettle, Rosemary Leaf, Ginseng, Apple, and more.  Combined with rejuvenating peptides and suspended in a revolutionary delivery system, AMPLIF-eye is designed to get to the roots of your lashes and deliver results you will have to see to believe.

In addition to looking great naturally, eyebrows and lashes that have been AMPLIF-eyed by the experts at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions make a fantastic base for eyelash extensions.  You will not believe the vibrant and healthy lashes produced by AMPLIF-eye when extensions are applied.  AMPLIF-eye will take your eyelash extensions to the next level—the results are truly breathtaking!

For years you have been told that there is very little you can do about your thin eyelashes.  You’ve heard this so much that you have begun to believe it.  So you settle for your sparse lashes—though from time to time you experiment with extensions, which never seem to look quite right.  If this describes your situation, this article has probably sounded too good to be true so far.  I can personally guarantee that AMPLIF-eye really works—and trust me, you will be thrilled with the results.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we specialize in providing “impossible” results to our clients.  We proud that, through a unique blend of skill, knowledge, and technology, our team can provide results that literally take clients’ breath away.  Whether it is our age-defying facial or our sunless tanning techniques, our mission is to enable each client to look their best—safely and without spending a fortune.  If you would like more information about our AMPLIF-eye lash and brow fortifier, or any of our other services, please get in touch today.  You won’t believe how good you will look!

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Forget what you think you know about false eyelashes. Lash extensions are SO different than traditional false lashes – not stiff, not for one-night occasions and not fake looking. Lash extensions are truly like your own lasts, only longer, fuller and better. If you are thinking about lash extensions here’s the scoop on what you need to know.

1)     What are they made out of? Advanced Skin and Body offers two types of lash extensions – authentic mink and synthetic mink. (Yes, mink, but don’t worry, no minks are hurt in the process, they are simply combed for loose hairs.) The benefits of mink include a more natural and feathery appearance, but they come at a bit more cost. On the other hand, synthetic lashes offer a more uniform appearance yet still feel soft and natural.

2)     How long do they last? The initial application of lash extensions can last for weeks at a time, and with regular fills your lashes can last indefinitely.  Forget messy glue and taking time out of your daily routine to apply lashes every day, once your lashes are applied there’s no maintenance (other than periodic fills) to worry with you are ready to start every day with lush lashes from the moment you open your eyes. (And yes, they are water-proof, so enjoy swimming without fear!)

3)     Why do you need fills? Like scalp hair, you shed your natural eyelashes in a cycle. As new lashes grow, old lashes fall out to make room for new ones.  Since extensions are attached to natural lashes, your extensions will naturally be shed with your real lashes. Since this happens over time, regular fills keep your lashes lush.

4)     How long does it take? The initial process for lash application takes about two hours as 60-120 individual extensions are meticulously adhered to your own lashes. This painless process is so relaxing that many patients are lulled to sleep during the application. Fill procedures take only approximately 45 minutes, so you can keep your lashes lush on your lunch break.

5)     Will I still need mascara? Another step you can eliminate from your morning routine (and your budget) – mascara! With last extensions, you will no longer need to mess with mascara. The extensions will naturally darken your lashes, so you will have the look without the work.

All of our lash stylists are professionally trained by Xtreme lashes and are available to answer any other questions you might have. For more information and to book an appointment, call our office at 425-643-5772.  If you have been dreaming of lashes like the stars, you need the stars’ secret weapon – Xtreme lashes last extensions from Advanced Skin & Body Solutions.

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