Jordan: Hello and welcome to CoolCast, all about our medispa: Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, Washington. Today I have with me Licensed Master Estheticians Sheridan Wesley and Aubrey Baron. Ladies, thanks so much for chatting with me today!


Aubrey: Of course, thanks for having us!


Jordan: I’m excited to get started. Last time we talked with Jennifer about CoolSculpting and this time we’re going to dive into some esthetician topics as you’re both Licensed Master Estheticians. Since she’s been here a bit longer, I’ll start with Sheridan. Can you explain how you started your career as a Master Esthetician, and how you found Advanced Skin and Body?


Sheridan: Sure. Well… I tried the whole college thing and it didn’t really work out. I’ve always struggled with my skin, so I thought, “Why not focus on that?”. I ended up attending the Aveda Institute in Seattle, and I wasn’t very interested in what they taught. They had basic facials, but didn’t believe in chemical peels or microdermabrasion (they’re more “holistic”). But I still needed help fixing my own skin and acne issues. Next, I found Dr. Sabbagh who owned Washington Laser Institute in Federal Way. That was a Master Esthetics school. They were more medical and I loved their program! It opens a lot of doors when you become a Master Esthetician. I was job hunting and it was very hard to get an interview as I had no experience – none. I hadn’t even had a real facial before. I had a roommate at the time, who was friends with Aubrey…


Aubrey: That’s right!


Sheridan: Aubrey’s dad worked at ProClub where Jennifer – the owner – was a member. Her dad mentioned me and that’s how I got an interview, and got the job!


Jordan: Full circle, and small world! I never knew that story, thanks. Aubrey, what about you?


Aubrey: Originally, I was going to college for exercise science and nutrition. Just a few semesters. I noticed that everyone around me knew exactly what they wanted to do after school, what kind of place they wanted to work, etc. For me, I couldn’t picture myself in that field. I took a step back and asked myself, “What can I see myself doing on a daily basis?”. At the time our mutual friend was going through esthetician school, so I chatted with her. I decided to transfer out of my major, went to Euro Institute of Skin Care, then Washington Laser Institute as well. I worked in a medical spa for a couple of years but was ready for the next step in my career. I then reconnected with our mutual friend, got in touch with Sheridan, and I’ve been at Advanced Skin and Body for a few months.


Jordan: Great, thank you! Sheridan, how long have you been here now?


Sheridan: I’ve been here almost 5 years!


Jordan: Wow, what a milestone! I’m glad to hear about your background. Now I’d like to go more in-depth on treatments. I usually discuss CoolSculpting, so I’m excited to talk about skin! What treatments do you both specialize in?


Aubrey: We specialize in very similar things. Everything skin related. Skin resurfacing, acne, concerns about pore size, texture, fine lines, anti-aging, etc. Clinical facials, lasers, microneedling, IPL therapy, and more. Mostly on the face but much can be done on the body. Any skin concerns!


Sheridan: We all have our speciality too: AKA what we enjoy most in that realm. For me, it’s acne for sure. Trying to help active acne, acne scars or pigmentation. That’s where I find the most joy, since it’s why I got into the industry. My acne people are like my little club, with a special place in my heart.


Aubrey: There’s something really satisfying about taking people through that acne journey. Acne can make people super self conscious. We love helping them to notice a real difference in their skin. Homecare helps too, along with treatments.


Jordan: I’ve known people who’ve struggled with acne very young, going through accutane… it’s great knowing that there’s a way to regain their confidence and address the issue.


Sheridan: Sure, there are a lot of other options that aren’t so risky as accutane. You should make skin care a part of your everyday ritual. Make it sustainable long term.


Jordan: I wanted to ask more about your experience with clients. What is one story, or your favorite story so far, of working with clients at Advanced Skin and Body?


Aubrey: One client comes to mind. I had a client from California, and she didn’t wear any sunscreen then. She’s been a rockstar with her homecare, and we’ve been seeing her for Clear and Brilliant. She told me her husband is noticing, her friends are starting to notice, and in such a short time. It’s very gratifying!


Sheridan: For me, I have one specific girl I’ve been working with for two or three years. She had a lot of acne (cystic), pale skin, red scarring – not okay with her. From the get-go, she was open to anything I suggested no matter how harsh. Every four weeks she came in for major chemical peels, regardless of downtime. With these you can peel for 7-10 days, so it’s not the most pretty look. But she was open to it. You need support! I’m currently peeling right now. Thankfully I work in a spa where I can peel and most people will copy what I do. 


Jordan: Right, your coworkers understand why you’re peeling…


Sheridan: Exactly, but my client was in nursing school while peeling. She peeled every month, seeing patients, classmates, she didn’t care. The goal was good skin, and she stuck through it. Of course, acne is something you deal with for your whole life, but she still comes in for maintenance peels. She always listened and did everything she needed to do at home. It made it much easier on my end as the provider.


Jordan: I never knew that you girls talk to clients about homecare, and how to treat themselves.


Sheridan: Yes! I always tell people skin care is like the dentist. We’re the dentist. If you only see us a few times a year, doing nothing at home, what are your teeth going to look like?


Aubrey: Right, and I use the personal trainer example. You can see a personal trainer every so often, but if you aren’t following a specific regimen at home, you aren’t going to get very far.


Jordan: Totally. Since you’ve both had experiences at other medispas, how has working at Advanced Skin and Body been different?


Aubrey: I’ve had a few different medispa and school environments, and I would say working here is very positive! Everyone is super energetic. My first couple days everyone was acting like my friend and laughing all the time. I think clients can also pick up on that. The energy is positive, uplifting, and supportive.


Jordan: I’ve always felt that way too. I’ve come in for years. You want the medispa to feel professional, but also casual and friendly.


Aubrey: I’ve built a lot of friendships with clients that will probably last years. I think that’s important.


Jordan: Awesome. What would each of you say to any listeners today?


Sheridan: For anyone having issues with your skin, come see a professional. Don’t rely on Tik-Tok and Instagram for your skin care tips. There’s a reason we went to two different schools and took four tests. We don’t just slap a product on your face and call it a day. There’s a huge science behind it. Skin isn’t the same for everyone. What works for your friend might not work for you. Even if it’s a consultation, just get skin care advice. Come in, pick our brains. If you want to change something about your skin, there are so many options!


Aubrey: Even if you’re just getting started, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. We can make it easy for you to build a regimen.


Jordan: Great, thanks again for coming on the show to discuss esthetics!


Both: Thank you!