Your first time to a skin-care spa like Advanced Skin & Body Solutions can be mixed with excitement, anticipation and a little bit of nervous feelings. But ultimately your experience should be relaxing and leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful. If you are planning your first visit to a skin-care spa, follow these tips to ensure that your experience is both physically and emotionally rewarding.

Do your homework

The first, and possibly most important, tip before you even book an appointment is to do your homework about the spa you are preparing the visit. This is where Google can be your best friend, Google the spa you are considering and see what comes up. In addition to keeping an eye out for anything that might concern you, take a look at the positive aspects of the spa as well. Are those the aspects you seek in a spa? Do they provide the treatment options that you are interested in? Ask your friends. Have any of them heard of any experience with this facility, or perhaps they have been to this spa themselves? And finally, request a tour. Most spas welcome first-timers to visit the spa to tour the facilities and aid in future client’s comfort.

Know what you want, but be open to suggestions

When visiting a spa for the first time, chances are you will book an appointment for a specific treatment to correct a specific issue. For example, you might book an appointment for a microdermabrasion to combat fine lines and sun damage. However, upon meeting with the aesthetician, you may be presented with alternative methods based on your skin type and your personal concerns. While you should not blindly accept treatment options that you are not familiar with, an aesthetician does have expert insight into the procedures offered at the facility and may be able to present you with options to compliment your procedure or even alternatives with less downtime. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that don’t fit your need or your budget, but be open to listening to advice from the expert.

Ask questions

Even if you know exactly what procedure you plan to have and have read everything you can about the procedure, don’t be afraid to ask the aesthetician questions. Your aesthetician should be well-versed in the results, downtime and long-term effects of every procedure offered and will welcome your inquiries. And don’t be shy to let them know up front that this is your first visit to a skin-care spa so you might have a lot of questions. Sometimes professionals take for granted the knowledge they have and forget to share every detail, but if you remind them that you are new have a lot of questions, it should remind them to take a step back and concentrate on explaining each detail to you.

Get comfy

Prepare for your visit and your procedure by being comfortable. Wear clothing that you can relax in and leave any jewelry you have that might be in the way at home. Most procedures require you to be relatively still for a period of time, so don’t come on an empty stomach and be sure to use the facilities prior to your appointment. Hydration is an excellent way to speed recovery time, so before your visit drink plenty of fluids and keep a bottle of water handy after your visit to continue to hydrate and refresh your cells.

Speak up

While some procedures may cause a bit of discomfort or irritation, you should not experience pain during your treatment, and most procedures should be completely discomfort free or even pleasant. If, at any time, you need to take a break or believe that you are experiencing more discomfort that what was described to you, feel free to speak up.  Your aesthetician will want to know if you are in pain or in discomfort in order to adjust the treatment. You should never be ashamed to speak up about how you are feeling. Even if something could be slightly adjusted, such as a pillow, your aesthetician wants your first experience to be your best so let them know what they can do to better serve your needs.

At Advanced Skin & Body Solutions, we love turning first-timers into life-long clients. So we hope you will stop by to check out what we can offer you for all of your skin-care needs