Jennifer Washburn

Jordan: Welcome to CoolCast with Bellevue, Washington business owner Jennifer Washburn of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions – the country’s #1 CoolSculpting provider. I’m Jordan, the Marketing Director here, and Jennifer, thank you so much for chatting with me!


Jennifer: Of course, I’m excited to get started!


Jordan: So, last time we discussed general CoolSculpting (what it does), but this time I wanted to talk about “CoolSculpting ELITE”, if that’s fine with you. For any new listeners, can you explain what ELITE is and how it’s going at Advanced Skin and Body?


Jennifer: Yes! First of all, I want to say that we’ve used CoolSculpting for the last 5 years – we’re calling them “Legacy” machines – with great success. So when we start talking about new machines, I’m not going to knock the old machines because they were amazing. Legacy CoolSculpting helped us to get to our #1 status. We did thousands of treatments on people, and it was great. There’s nothing wrong with them at all. Jordan, I think you had the Legacy applicators when you came for CoolSculpting?


Jordan: That’s right.


Jennifer: Right. So for ELITE, in my opinion it’s the equivalent of when there’s a new iPhone that’s just better. It has a new camera, it has better features… Why use the older model when you could have the best? The thing we’re finding with ELITE is we get better, quicker results. It’s due to the way the engineers have designed the cooling cups. If you recall, the Legacy applicators also had a vacuum cooling cup, so we could identify where to treat, circle it with a marker, then suction up the fat. ELITE does the same thing, but covering more skin surface than the old applicators. We’re getting more freezing with ELITE’s design, and better results. One of the applicators covers 18% more skin surface! Also, there are different applicator choices. Something brand new is the “surface” applicator for outer thighs! We treated the area before, but now it’s better-fitting. Now we can treat almost any client regardless of thigh fat amount. ELITE is just really cool too, visually, the machine is much sleeker and more “2021”.


Jordan: I would agree! Having shared a lot of social media photos, I’d say your iPhone comparison holds up. CoolSculpting ELITE seems more space efficient, sleeker, and its size has additional benefits. Aren’t you now able to wheel more machines in the room for added CoolSculpting?


Jennifer: Yes, I forgot to mention that. It’s a given for us, because we always used two Legacy CoolSculpting machines in treatment rooms to “dualsculpt” two areas, simultaneously. When we got super busy, we’d wheel in three or four machines to “quadsculpt”, but it was crammed! Now, each ELITE device has two applicators. We’re able to really wind them around clients to target all fat areas. Now we complete client treatments in a quarter of the time, with QuadSculpting at Advanced Skin and Body! That said, we are so booked that being able to use two machines at once is tough. You’d have to book a while in advance. Right now we have four CoolSculpting rooms going almost full time, but we just ordered two more machines. We are going to have six machines in the near future!


Jordan: That’s great to hear! I imagine it’s filling up, especially going into the summer season for CoolSculpting.


Jennifer: Spring is even busier here! And in Seattle we stay slammed all through June, July, and August (when kids resume school). That said, it’s a whole new world out there with the pandemic, so we’ll see what happens in the coming months.


Jordan: Got it. So speaking of CoolSculpting ELITE, can you give some examples of body areas that clients typically consider QuadSculpting? And how would you divide up the body areas?


Jennifer: Sure. You could sculpt their chin, arms, and abs all together, since they are non-overlapping areas. If you freeze four non-overlapping areas, it’s fine. With abs, you can usually just use one applicator since it’s a smaller muscle. Possibly, you could also add two on your flanks for full QuadSculpting. Or, your outer thighs, abs, and flanks. We’re always trying to figure out ways to freeze more in less time. We’re also able to get great “tissue draw” with ELITE. That means: all of the fat goes to the top of the applicator, and you can feel the difference. Frozen fat feels like a stick of hard butter when we start your two-minute massage. As technicians, we can really feel the difference between Legacy vs. ELITE frozen fat. It feels harder since more fat cells are frozen. We were also the first to get ELITE! We’re the #1 CoolSculpting providers in the nation, so our friends at Allergan (CoolSculpting parent company) gave us early access to ELITE. We’re planning on expanding and being #1 in the nation for a long time.


Jordan: With ELITE tissue draw, can you explain how the results are looking? Are clients losing more fat, or seeing quicker results?


Jennifer: Yes, clients are reporting their results a bit sooner: ~4 weeks in. Ultimately, their results are better because the applicators fit better! In areas that didn’t have as much fat (posterior flanks for example), we’re seeing clients for one ELITE session instead of two. Not always the case, but we’re seeing this with certain body parts like the flanks.


Jordan: Got it. And I know you were using Legacy machines for years before. Do you have any clients that have tried both?


Jennifer: Yes, and I think clients are reporting that the fat areas feel more frozen. They feel their treatment is more “complete”. More than that, we’re noticing it looks most different when they return for after photos! The main thing clients have really noticed is how many technicians we have. We often have three technicians working on them at once . We just want to get the CoolSculpting done quickly. We basically have parties in our treatment rooms!


Jordan: Fun. I really do want to try ELITE soon.


Jennifer: Yeah, they’re great for smaller people too. I know you aren’t overweight, and ELITE could still work for you. The Legacy machines didn’t draw as much tissue on smaller clients, but now ELITE can treat smaller areas, smaller people, etc. We’re confident they’ll get the results they paid for either way. We also offer a “Great Results Guarantee”. We’re the only CoolSculpting provider – maybe on the entire West Coast – to offer one. I know Bodify in Scottsdale, Arizona offers one too. I’m not sure anyone else does. Basically, we only accept clients that we really think we’re going to get great results for them. Because of that, we do turn some people away. We’ll say, “we’ll treat you, but we can’t guarantee your results”. Sometimes they walk out the door, but we’d rather that happen than giving someone a subpar CoolSculpting treatment…


When we do treat, we guarantee those results. If you come back for two sessions total and still haven’t seen fat loss (and weight remains the same), we will retreat you for free! We stand by your results. Now, this rarely happens that someone will do two sessions and not see results, but it can happen. In general, a good CoolSculpting candidate is someone who is close to their ideal weight, and generally stable in their weight. If their weight wildly fluctuates, they can do CoolSculpting but may not notice the results or be happy with them; regaining fat might make their results invisible. We have to compare apples-to-apples. Your fat cells can still get bigger all over your body if you put on weight, even after CoolSculpting.


Jordan: Thank you! What would you say to someone who’s never tried CoolSculpting, didn’t try Legacy, but they’re just now hearing about ELITE?


Jennifer: Well, for sure don’t go anywhere that doesn’t have ELITE. Do your research. And choose a facility with a lot of experience. If you’re listening to this from another state, look on CoolSculpting.com for a provider that offers ELITE. If you want to see who does the most CoolSculpting, you can filter for “utilization”: that’s who does the most in your area. Also, come in for a consultation! If you can’t come in, we offer Zoom consultations too. They’re very convenient for people. I’m doing six just today. I talked to someone on Zoom today who lived 30 minutes away and I’m glad he didn’t come in. He was about 80 pounds overweight and not a candidate right now, but he’s going to consider using CoolSculpting to achieve his goals in 6 months. We’ll get on Zoom together, and I’m happy to answer any questions at all. I can do a pretty good evaluation and we’ll go from there.


Jordan: I can vouch for you! You’re good at explaining CoolSculpting, since you do it all day long.


Jennifer: Definitely. Also, we are not charging an upgrade fee for ELITE. When people come in, they aren’t paying more. I don’t know how long that’s going to go for… So I would come in now, if you’re at all interested in CoolSculpting.


Jordan: There you go! If you didn’t know, you can also call or text us at: (425) 643-5772. Shoot us a text, the front desk would be happy to book you. Jennifer, thanks again for chatting with me about ELITE!


Jennifer: Of course. Take care!