We could all use a little help in skin care this summer. It’s getting hotter and hotter, and your skin should be prepared to handle it. You may already know of some tips that get used often, like put on sunscreen, but there are some additional ones that may not be usually what we think of:

1. Drink plenty of water! And eat plenty of it:
If summer=hot and hot=water, then summer probably means water should make an appearance, too. As the largest organ, the skin needs to stay hydrated. Consider ingesting large amounts of water and eating plenty of it too. Foods like watermelon, berries, spinach and kale leaves, oranges, and more are great additions to your daily in-take of water.

2. Take cold showers:
Nobody can run from the sweaty beads that consume our body in the summer — they’re inevitable. With sweat comes the great responsibility of maintaining clean pores free from dirt and toxins. Acne breakouts are often caused by clogged pores, so to prevent that, after a lot of sweating, it’s important to remember to take a cool shower to keep your skin unobstructed. You can depend on cold water to prevent the buildup of oils and what clogs your pores.

3. Use a facial mist:
You can easily carry a facial mist in your purse and take it out occasionally throughout the day to help you cool off. A quick spritz can re-energize your cells and help moisturize your skin throughout the day. At times, some of our skin may experience irritation, in which case, a facial mist may help remedy that. Some facial mists contain extra love for your skin, like antioxidants.

4. SPF 15 lipstick and lip balm:
Lets not forget that your lips have skin, too. It doesn’t matter what style you’re trying to rock or what color you think looks best with your shoes, but it does matter if your lipstick has an SPF of at least 15. If it’s a casual lunch, consider forgoing any gloss and stick with lip balm. Lip balm stays on for more time and hydrates your lips more.

5. Microneedling:
If your skin has already suffered a little, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions can help rejuvenate and restore it. With microneedling, the collagen production of your skin will make your skin feel smoother within weeks of treatment. This non-invasive procedure even helps to alleviate the damage by the sun to your skin. Dry skin, sun damage, and scars are all something to be overcome by microneedling. Lucky for you, this June, we have a discount on this special treatment. Sign up for an appointment and let’s get started! Or contact us if you have any questions.