It’s summer—time to show off a great tan!  Whether you are at the beach or visiting family on vacation, a golden tan is always a good look.  But if you are like many people, you are worried about the damage that can be done to your skin while tanning outdoors or in a booth.  Advanced Skin & Body has the perfect solution for your dilemma.  We are proud to offer Sunless Tanning by VersaSpa— a healthy way to get the golden tan you are dreaming of without damaging your skin.

Our Sunless Tanning program is a full body treatment that will quickly moisturize, bronze, and hydrate your skin.  Rather than exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, you can achieve the perfect tan quickly and easily.  We offer two solutions to each client—the first is known as our Cosmetic Bronzer. This solution applies the Magic Tan bronzing solution while at the same time applying a cosmetic bronzer that creates immediate results. The cosmetic bronzers will wash off with your first shower and can be washed out of your clothes with cold water.  Our second solution is known as the Clear Bronzer.  This solution applies the Magic Tan bronzing solution— without the cosmetic bronzer.  By avoiding the cosmetic bronzer, you avoid the possibility of the tan rubbing off on clothing or other items.  This solution is great for clients who simply want a quick tan during their lunch break or in the midst of running errands.  Whichever solution you choose, you will enjoy the perfect bronze tan you’ve been hoping for.  Our tans typically last 5-7 days, depending on the rate at which your skin exfoliates.

Not only are the Sunless Tanning programs at Advanced Skin & Body healthy and convenient, but they are also affordable.  Right now we are proud to offer an incredible deal: a single tan for $15, three tans for $39, or unlimited tanning for only $49 per month.

Who says tanning has to be expensive and unhealthy?  With Sunless Tanning by Versaspa, Advanced Skin & Body is proud to offer the perfect solution to help you look your very best this summer.  Stop in soon to get started!