Microneedling is offered at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions as an option for those who want to remove certain skin inequities. Microneedling tools cause a slight injury to the skin and activate the growth of collagen. Because summer usually entails a lot of sun exposure, we thought it may be useful to know which effects from the sun microneedling is especially great at fixing, including some that are just problems year-round, like stretch marks.

1. Hand Rejuvenation
By enabling elastin and collagen growth, microneedling helps the skin become thick and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

2. Age Spots
Excessive sun exposure can cause younger people to develop age spots, flat and light brown spots that are commonly seen in areas like the arms, hands, and shoulders. They appear more often in those over 50 years of age, but aren’t strangers to younger people. In micronoeedling, the pigment of those spots are reduced and sometimes gone!

3. Rosacea
For those who live with the skin disorder and can attest to their facial redness, know that microneedling is certainly a saving grace. Many things in the summertime can trigger rosacea including mere sunlight exposure. By inducing copious amounts of collagen, micro needling decreases the blood vessels’ hypersensitivity and thus, redness is reduced.

4. Acne/Scars
With all the sweating we do in the summer, acne can be quick to develop. Microneedling is a beneficial solution to acne as it helps to promote blood circulation and enhances the effect of acne products into treated areas for quicker and easier absorption. As for scars that acne is capable of leaving behind (oh, those painful memories), microneedling can improve the appearance of those scars. Scars from surgeries are also treatable with microneedling by using the device to jumpstart collagen growth.

5. Stretch Marks
These annoyances we get when our skin stretches faster than it can handle can become apparent and embarrass us. Usually seen in pregnancy, natural growth, or in gaining weight, stretch marks are fairly common, but aren’t completely unfixable. There’s a solution in microneedling which is responsible for improving them 70% of the way. Those are certainly odds we’re willing to bet on.

This service may just become a special soon, so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive offers! We’re glad to be serving you and your skin needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. You can set up an appointment or contact us.