In today’s world, our lives revolve around subscriptions and memberships!


Netflix ✅

Gym membership ✅

Amazon Prime ✅

Barkbox ✅

Spotify ✅


You get the picture.


So why can’t your body and beauty treatments have a membership plan? NEWS FLASH – THEY CAN!


Here at Advanced Skin & Body we are introducing our new membership plans that give you everything you’re looking for wrapped up in an easy monthly plan!


We’ve got four yearly plans for you to choose from that will save you money and help you achieve your body sculpting and aesthetic goals!


And as always, our Great Service Guarantee is included in all of the memberships! We will make sure you leave every treatment happy and satisfied!


Let’s take a look at our new membership plans!


🪞 Beauty Bank

Our Beauty Bank membership will have you saying “Mirror Mirror On The Wall I AM THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL!” With a savings of $400+ you’ll be running to grab this membership!


The Beauty Bank membership gives you the neurotoxin injections, the fillers, discounts on body sculpting and facials and more! Free gifts? Yes!


Check out the package:

  • $14/ Unit: All Neurotoxins (25 unit minimum)
  • $50 Off Sculptra/ Filler
  • 10% Off facials
  • 10% Off retail
  • VIP Pricing: 50% Off Retail for Emsculpt/ CoolSculpting
  • 1 FREE facial per year
  • Birthday Gift: FREE retail item up to a $200 value


Total Package Value: $2,230

Membership Price: $1,800

Monthly Payment: $150



💎 Skin Brightening Club

You’ll shine bright like a diamond and save $1,800 with our Skin Brightening Club membership!


Bring out your inner glow with these incredible treatments!


Here’s what you get with the SBC membership:


  • 3 IPL treatments
  • 3 Clear + Brilliant treatments
  • 1 of each:
    • Custom facial
    • DiamondGlow treatment
    • HydraFacial
    • 4 Alastin A-Luminate Products
  • 10% Off retail
  • 40% Off add-ons for chest/hands
  • 10% Off additional facials


Total Package Value: $5,842

Membership Price: $4,000

Monthly Payment: $275 (with a $700 required deposit)


💃 Body Benefits Club

If bodysculpting has been on your to-do list this year, NOW is the time to snag this membership and save over $6,500!!!!


You can book a beach vacation to show off your newly sculpted and confident body with the money you save in this membership!


Here’s what’s included in the Body Benefits Club membership:


  • One Body Area: Treated up to 3 times in the first 5 months of membership (unlimited cycles)
  • 4 Emsculpt Neo treatments
  • 1 DiamondGlow treatment
  • 1 Alastin TransFORM product
  • 10% Off skincare
  • First-Timers: Get a free neurotoxin treatment on an area of your choice (up to 24 units)


Total Package Value: $12,429

Membership Price: $5,880

Monthly Payment: $340 (with a $1,850 required deposit)



⏰ Wrinkle Reverse Club

Cher sang, “If I could turn back time”…


Well now you can with the Wrinkle Reverse Club membership!


Turn back the clocks, put your aging in reverse and save $900!


The Wrinkle Reverse Club membership includes:


  • 25 units of Neurotoxins per month
  • $13 per additional unit(s)
  • $100 Off Fillers
  • 15% Off PRF / EZ Gel
  • 15% Off facials
  • 15% Off retail
  • VIP Pricing: CoolSculpting & Emsculpt (muscle toning) sales


Total Package Value: $4,800

Membership Price: $3,900

Monthly Payment: $325


Bring Out Your Best Self With One Of Our New Memberships!

If you’re interested in learning more about which one of our membership plans is best for you, contact our team and let us help!


We think these new memberships will help all of our clients transform their aesthetic and bodysculpting regimens and allow them to get in the groove of monthly treatments!


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