Have you heard of Morpheus8 skin tightening in Bellevue, or Evoke facial contouring technologies? They are newer solutions to an age old problem: sagging, loose skin which gets worse as we age. Over time, our skin loses its natural stores of collagen and elastin. From there, it can be hard to restore skin tightness. You might try Botox and fillers, maybe a non-surgical thread lift, but Morpheus8 and Evoke can restore smooth, tight skin like never before.

The devices are made by “Inmode” – a medical company with a mastery of “radiofrequency” energy and its effect on skin laxity. So how does “RF” energy affect the skin? Let’s talk about science…

What is “Radiofrequency”?

Since 2001, radiofrequency has been used in various forms of skin tightening; it’s a form of heat energy (electromagnetic waves). WiFi internet is even a type of RF wave. In the skin, RF energy fast-tracks collagen production when your body releases heat shock proteins. These proteins are directly linked to new collagen production. Collagen is the key to anti-aging treatments.

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions frequently uses RF energy for skin tightening in Bellevue. You’ll love our two devices! The first, easiest device to use is Evoke facial contouring.

NEW Evoke Headset:

Evoke is so easy. It applies RF energy and volumetric heating deep in the skin’s subdermal layers. It’s totally non-invasive. As a simple headset, it looks like a “virtual reality” device or something from a sci-fi film. Our team places it over your cheeks / chin, and the device uses AI for precise heating over ~45 minutes. Evoke contours and tightens several areas: chin, jaw, cheeks, jowls, and the neck.

Collagen production takes time to kick in, so you’ll likely need to return for 3-6 follow up Evoke treatments for maximum effect. You’ll start to notice tightening after just a few weeks. Your cheeks and jowls may start to look “lifted”, contoured and tighter. Luckily, there is no down time at all. There’s also no special post-care, and clients may return to their normal lifestyle immediately after treatment.

Evoke’s only downside is that it’s limited to the face. Evoke is usually for smaller corrections, while Morpheus8 skin tightening in Bellevue achieves even more tightening.

NEW Morpheus8 (Microneedling):

Morpheus8 is a bigger ask for clients, but it achieves greater results. The RF microneedling component uses 24 micro-pins to reshape adipose tissue while tightening skin all over: full face, eyes, abs, glutes, back, and thighs. The pins actually kill microscopic fat cells, so you are left with less fat too. Of course, RF energy also stimulates collagen.

It’s a bigger ask because you may feel some discomfort from Morpheus8, though we apply topical numbing beforehand to minimize that. We also offer Pro-Nox™ relaxing gas for more comfort. The reward is tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, smoother stretch marks, fewer acne scars and a more youthful appearance. It’s the best treatment to solve these issues.

Morpheus8 skin tightening in Bellevue shows results in just 3+ weeks, with full results at 3-4 months. Most clients need 3 or more Morpheus treatments for the best result. Skin results can last from 12 to 18 months, so it’s a great decision in the long term.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We are currently booking Morpheus8 treatments well-in-advance, and we’re among the most popular local providers. Book your Evoke or Morpheus8 treatments today: (425) 643-5772. 📲

We look forward to treating you.

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