Microblading goes by a variety of names so you may have heard it as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, among others. This eyebrow tattoo usually lasts from 1 to 2 years and utilizes color drawn onto the skin to create that beautiful, long-lasting eyebrow shape. We pay special attention to detail in your eyebrows to re-create the shape, direction of the hair growth, and color for redesigning purposes.

Start saving time in the morning by microblading, without needing to reapply throughout the day. Let your eyebrows do their thing!

*Individual Results May Vary

The Microblading Mechanics

In the microblading process, our professionals use needles to create lines similar to your eyebrow hair for further reconstruction of the brow. For microblading, each client may have to come in twice for the best results. Because we are concerned with color saturation and want the second coat of permanent makeup to pop, we ask to see you twice. Additionally, should you want the color to look different once it’s had time to blend with your skin undertone, we can easily change that. This second session usually gets scheduled 4 to 8 weeks after the first, giving your eyebrows enough time to heal. Many people have reasonable questions after hearing this, but our Bellevue professionals are here to put you at ease:

Will I Experience Pain While Microblading?

To keep the pain to a minimum we use topical anesthetics so there is as little pain as possible. We sterilize and disinfect our tools before starting a microblading sessions for your safety. Our Bellevue professionals are certified to perform microblading and are up to date with courses required. Keep your eye on the prize: flawless eyebrows.

How Long Will Microblading Last?

Because people’s skin varies from person to person, it is hard to gauge how long befor the pigment of the tattoo begins to fade. However, most expect to get touch-ups after a year. Unlike other eyebrow tattooing processes, microblading doesn’t require as much pigment, which gives it its seamless integration to your brow.

May I Speak to a Professional at Advanced Skin and Body?

Of course! We are glad to speak with you about a consultation (for free!) to ease any concerns you may have about microblading. This can be such a big step in the search for great brows, so we hope to answer any questions you might have. Whether this is your first time getting tattooed brows or your second time, hoping to get it right this time, we definitely suggest coming in to see us for a free consultation. Contact us to set it up!