Redmond, WA Medical Spa

Redmond Medical Spa

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is a premier Redmond, WA medical spa known for CoolSculpting and other services, relied on by thousands state-wide, providing positive aesthetic experiences – GUARANTEED. Located in Bellevue, it is ideally located for residents of Redmond.

Why Our Redmond Medical Spa

At our Redmond Medical Spa, our mission is to use cutting-edge techniques and the highest level of customer service to help men and women in the Redmond and Eastside look their best, and more importantly, feel their best. Our Redmond, WA medical spa offers a range of services including body treatments, injectables, and medical grade skin care.

Redmond CoolSculpting is among our most popular services for men and women of who want to remove unwanted fat permanently with no surgery, pain, or downtime. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is the #1 locally-owned CoolSculpting facility in the state of Washington and a top 10 provider of CoolSculpting in the United States. Click here to learn more and see some of our amazing before and after photos.

How our Redmond Medical Spa is Different

Here are a few other things that make us different…

  • Our team represents the best of the best. We have graduates of CoolSculpting University, Masters of CoolSculpting University, CoolSculpting University Masters in Business, and Bodify Academy.  Patients can trust that they’re in good hands with Advanced Skin and Body Solutions.
  • We’ve performed over 20,000 CoolSculpting treatments. Our experience helps us deliver the most comfortable and effective treatments.
  • We’re the only CoolScultping location with three dedicated, full-time CoolSculpting experts.
  • We’re open outside of regular hours including evenings and weekends by appointment. We offer a complimentary, personalized lunch, and we offer Netflix during treatment.
  • We’re the only medical spa in Redmond and all of Washington State that offers a Great Service Guarantee. It’s important to us that our patients consistently have positive experiences at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. Delivering great service is part of our culture and it’s a pillar of our success. If the service you receive is less than great, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. That’s our promise to you.


Schedule A Complimentary Initial Consultation

Schedule a complimentary initial consultation at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. We’ll discuss your questions, concerns, and goals to develop the right treatment plan. Call (425) 643-5772 or complete our Contact Us web form today.

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