Emsculpt in Bellevue is becoming one of our major offerings due to its easy treatments, non-invasive applicator and rapid muscle toning.

How does it work? An online search of this popular treatment will reveal the science: With its patented device, Emsculpt NEO uses HIFEM+ (electromagnetic) energy to cause strong muscle contractions; they are deeper and more effective than standard reps you’d get at the gym. This causes micro-tears in your muscle fibers which trigger natural muscle toning. The “NEO” piece refers to our machine’s radiofrequency component, which warms muscles to increase contractions and shed body fat in the process. Full results show up after 3 months, but initial results can show even sooner!


The first question our clients like to ask is: “Which muscles can Emsculpt NEO tone?”. Let’s break down our answers here…


Getting Toned Abs!

First is our most popular body area: abs. It’s no question that clients focus on their stomach / torso area in terms of visual concerns. They are hyper-aware of ab definition (or lack thereof) as well as stomach or “love handle” fat which obscures the upper body. Emsculpt in Bellevue can really help. You’ll lay down flat on your back while our Body Contour Specialists place Emsculpt’s applicator over the abs. They’ll explain each step as they go.

We use levels 1-100 of Emsculpt strength which controls muscle contractions. We’ll start you at a lower strength and slowly work up to higher levels by your first or second treatment session. Clients say their abs feel strange or “tickled” during Emsculpt NEO, but it is easy and well tolerated.


Using Emsculpt On Arms

Using Emsculpt NEO on arms is very popular with men! Triceps and biceps can be tough to train at a standard gym, so Emsculpt in Bellevue lets you speed up the process. Again, once our technicians introduce HIFEM+ energy to your arms, it can feel a bit strange. Your arms will contract up off the table into a “curl” position while treating biceps, for example. That said, the results are worth the strange feeling.

Smaller muscles like biceps and triceps can get great muscle definition from Emsculpt NEO. Check out these results (below).


What About Legs?

Yes. Though legs are a wide category of muscle groups, we mostly target quads and calves for toning. Expect some motion in your legs while getting treated; this is simply the feeling of muscles contracting. Quads are large muscles while calves are smaller, so we will treat each with different strength(s) to make sure clients are comfortable. Emsculpt NEO can make you feel slightly sore the next day, and you’ll be feeling it in your legs as though you’d done a great, effective gym workout!


Last But Not Least: Glutes


Glutes are another super popular area for us to treat, especially in women. Women with flatter buttocks often desire more “lift” in their rear end. Emsculpt in Bellevue can provide amazing results… clients simply lay flat on their stomachs (buttocks up). We place the applicators and start treatment. Contractions will tense your rear muscles like you may have never felt before. Getting such an intense glute workout would be nearly impossible at the gym. Within 3 months you will notice your toning results: more firm, lifted and shapely buttocks.


Whether you’re interested in toning your abs, arms, legs or glutes, Emsculpt in Bellevue has you covered.

We offer complimentary consultations (in-person OR virtual) for all of our services: it involves meeting with our specialists to form a custom treatment plan, answer questions, view before & afters and more…

You can also text us: (425) 643-5772 with any questions about Emsculpt NEO. 📲

Thanks for reading!