What is Laser Hair Removal and how does it work?

Laser hair removal is extremely prevalent in the United States. Each year, thousands of people choose to have it done, making it one of the most frequently sought after spa procedures. The hair follicles are the focus of the treatment, as a laser beam is aimed at them. When the light is absorbed in the follicles, the hair growth is reduced.

Why receive Laser Hair Removal?

If you’ve spent a lifetime plucking, shaving or waxing unwanted hair, laser hair removal might be a great option. The procedure can reduce hair from many parts of your body, from your upper lip to your entire face. Other common areas of focus include bikini lines, underarms, arms, legs and the back. Men typically receive hair removal procedures on their chest, back, sideburns, jaw line, ears, toes, shoulders, underarms, arms, abdomen, neck, chin, toes, hands, and more. Women typically request laser hair removal from their underarms, areolas, toes, buttocks, upper lip, legs, and the bikini line, among other places.

How long does Laser Hair Removal take?

Treatment length varies depending on the focus area. Each laser pulse, which takes less than a second, can target multiple hairs. A treatment for a small area on your face can take 60 seconds or less, while large patches like the legs may take up to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that the typical patient undergoes 6-8 treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Results

Permanent hair loss usually occurs after a few sessions. On average, it takes three to seven treatments for unwanted hair to be gone. Within that time an approximate 80-90% of the hair should have been off of your body. For those with lighter hair colors, laser hair removal may be a little harder to complete. Because the laser is attracted to color and pigment, those with grey hair, blonde or red hair may struggle with the treatment a little more.

How often do I need treatments?

When your unwanted hair stops growing in the area of concentration, your treatments will stop. You can expect about five weeks between each treatment. Above the neckline, one should complete hair removal treatments every 4 to 6 weeks and every 6 to 8 weeks for parts of the body below the neck.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

Because laser light will penetrate your skin, you can expect some discomfort. Your technician will help ease any pain by offering cold packs and topical anti-inflammatory agents as a part of the service we offer to our Bellevue clients.

Laser Hair Removal Common Side Effects

Following a treatment, it might look and feel like you got a little too much sun. As the treated hair falls out in the following weeks, use sunscreen to avoid color changes in your skin. Though rare, some side effects may include blisters, swelling and scarring. Sensitivity is common for a couple of days post treatment. You can get a full consultation of possible side effects before your session. Because we will also advise that you limit your time in the sun, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions will also have high-grade sunscreens available to serve a variety of your skin conditions and provide UV protections as needed.

Save Money on Laser Hair Removal

We offer two treatment options for laser hair removal at Bellevue’s Advanced Skin and Body Solutions for patients who have begun treatment elsewhere and would like to switch over to the simple and cost-effective treatments at our offices, we offer A La Carte treatments so that you can purchase individual sessions and pay as you go. The most cost-effective way to save money with laser hair removal is to purchase a Laser Hair Removal Package. Our packages come with (6) pre-paid sessions and offer a significant discount over A La Carte treatments. For pricing information and to setup a free consultation, please contact us to set up a visit.