Fat is stubborn. We know this as fact and we also know that there are some areas that just won’t budge no matter how hard we exercise or how healthy we eat. It’s really discouraging and can even cause some to abandon their healthy and fitness routines. 

Here at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we understand how much time and effort you’ve put into looking and feeling your best. So don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You’ve done the work by living a healthy lifestyle, now let’s put the icing on the cake to tone, shape and contour the body you’ve worked hard to achieve! 

That icing we are talking about, is called EMSCULPT. 


What is EMSCULPT? EMSCULPT is a revolutionary FDA-approved treatment for toning and shaping stubborn areas of the body like your abdomen and butt. How? By mimicking the good old fashioned crunch exercise. In about 30 minutes EMSCULPT technology creates what equals to 20,000 crunches leaving your body toned and tightened. 

Could you imagine doing 20,000 crunches?  If you did 100 crunches a day, it would take you 200 days to complete. Think about the results you’d get from doing that everyday for almost a year! Well, that’s what you’d get after 30 minutes of an EMSCULPT treatment! 


How Does It Work? 

The first 2 letters of the EMSCULPT name stand for electro-magnetic. The technology uses electromagnetic energy to cause the muscles in your body to contract. Now, in order for your muscles to perform this kind of exercise, it needs fuel. So while this treatment is happening your body is feeding off stored fat in order to keep moving and performing. 

This sounds exhausting on the body. Right? Well here’s the great news, it’s non-invasive and there is no downtime after the treatment. You may feel like you just performed a strenuous workout, but that’s about the only side effect you’ll have. 

You won’t feel as sore as you normally would after a typical workout either. How? Because the EMSCULPT technology works to break down lactic acid build up which is the main cause of muscle soreness. 


Treatment Process

Your treatment plan will be designed around your body and your goals. Several treatments may be needed to get your ultimate results, but in about a month you can see fat loss and muscle gain for a more toned and sculpted appearance.

With EMSCULPT you can see a reduction in fat of about 15% and an average increase of 15% of muscle! You can continue to receive EMSCULPT treatments for regular upkeep and maintenance. 

If you’re looking to tighten and reduce more stubborn fat around the body, you can combine with CoolSculpting for better results. 

CoolSculpting uses cryo-technology to freeze away fat cells, stimulate collagen reproduction and tighten loose skin. 

We’ve already added the icing to the cake with EMSCULPT, so why not add sprinkles with a CoolSculpting treatment? 

These treatments can be done back to back with CoolSculpting and then EMSCULPT. After your first treatment you’ll notice a difference, and after a number of treatments you’ll start to see a change in your body shape, and see the results of these 2 revolutionary body contouring technologies. 

Interested in EMSCULPT? 

If you’re interested in this treatment, we are here to help. Our med spa, Advanced Skin & Body Solutions in Bellevue offers the best aesthetic and body contouring treatments and solutions available. 

We are the leading med spa in the area and we pride ourselves on the dedication and care we give to each and every patient. No body is the same, so why should it be treated that way? Connect with us today to discuss the treatment options that work best for you!

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