Jordan: Hello and welcome to CoolCast, with Bellevue, Washington business owner Jennifer Washburn of Advanced Skin and Body Solutions: the country’s #1 CoolSculpting Provider. I’m Jordan, the Marketing Director, and Jennifer – thanks so much for chatting with me again.


Jennifer: Hi Jordan. How are you?


Jordan: I’m well! Since we like to discuss CoolSculpting here, can you briefly explain what happens during a consultation for CoolSculpting when somebody comes in to the spa?


Jennifer: Sure. We do a lot of consultations, I think we have four specialists only working on consultations in the spa. They’re all great. We don’t know who someone is going to get when they come through the door, but they all do a great job. The first thing to do is find out what the client’s goals are. Sometimes CoolSculpting isn’t what they’re looking for. Sometimes they’re looking for skin tightening, sometimes they need to lose weight first, etc. We assess their goals and if they’re a good candidate. Which is: if they have some unwanted fat area that they can’t get rid of with regular diet and exercise. This is a very common problem. People are often at or near their goal weight, they just have a little tummy “pooch”. CoolSculpting could be great for that.


So, we tell them about the procedure and what it entails – the pros and cons. We go through the list of things they can look forward to, how long it’s going to take to see results, and then we do a body assessment. We squeeze the area that is of concern to them to see if it’s an appropriate area to treat with CoolSculpting. Sometimes it isn’t, and that’s okay. But if it is, we’ll recommend how many applicators we need to use on that area and how many treatments we think they need. Usually it’s one or two, and we do guarantee our results. If we say we can get results, we guarantee them as long as clients follow what we tell them to do and come back for follow-ups…


Next, we collect a 10% deposit. We offer a great financing system called “Cherry” that’s super easy to apply for. If somebody doesn’t want to pay for the treatment right then, they can finance it with no interest (at times) and schedule their appointment with a 10% deposit. And that’s what we do at a consultation!


Jordan: Thank you so much. I’d also like to add, for the guarantee to apply, I think they have to remain the same weight. Isn’t that correct?


Jennifer: Yes! There are a few stipulations to the guarantee. You have to be within 3 pounds of your starting weight when we do CoolSculpting, and you have to come back for follow ups. Results often come slowly, so people don’t realize they got results until they come back for follow ups. And we love to show them their pictures to say, “look at what happened” – And they’re so excited! The other thing we do in the consultation is show many before and after pictures so they can see our work, and what we’ve treated. We try to find similar body types to show them what to expect. The main thing in a consult is to make sure they have realistic expectations.


Jordan: So you’ll be upfront with any limitations of CoolSculpting, who it’s meant for and who it’s not meant for?


Jennifer: Yes, it’s not magic. It’s definitely not magic. And if people don’t want to take care of themselves on their own, it’s not going to be the end. If you gain 20 pounds after CoolSculpting, you’re not going to be happy no matter how much the CoolSculpting worked. Fat can’t grow back in cells we treated… however, the fat cells that you still have remaining can get bigger with weight gain. So you’re never going to be happy if you gain a bunch of weight, whether you CoolSculpted or not.


Jordan: Got it. So I was wondering if we could talk more about CoolSculpting ELITE because I know these are new devices that change the way the ASBS Cool Team operates. In your view, how are ELITE devices different than the original, Legacy devices?


Jennifer: Well, they’re shaped a bit differently, so the actual treatment cup or applicator goes on easier and has more suction on the surface area. So we’re getting better tissue contact. But more importantly, each ELITE device can treat two areas at once. The older machines worked very well, but they were bulky and we’d often have to pull two or three into one room to treat three areas at once. It was cumbersome for our technicians to do the treatment because they were pulling these big “robot” units around the office.


Well now with ELITEs, they’re really sleek. They look pretty. They show the CoolSculpting logo all lit-up, so that’s kind of nice. But the way the applicators go on, we’re able to maneuver them to treat up to four body parts at the same time! We only need two machines for that. So it really makes the treatment go by faster. Instead of somebody spending 8 hours at our office (if we had a single machine), we can sometimes cut it into 2 or 3 hours. So it is much quicker.


Jordan: Right. I just wanted to ask too, because I know that you like to try some of these treatments. Have you tried ELITEs specifically, and what are your thoughts on it?


Jennifer: No, I have not tried the ELITE. We’ve had it since last February. I did the Legacy machines when we got them years ago, and I don’t have any fat cells on the area. There’s nowhere to treat anymore – because you could potentially keep CoolSculpting but not have anything to CoolSculpt – i.e. I could put it on my body but nothing would happen because I don’t have treatable fat cells. The science remains the same with ELITE. While we’ve gotten more efficient, it’s the same treatment. So yes, I just don’t need to CoolSculpt, a good problem to have! But I’d love for anyone else to come try the ELITEs because they’re fun and we can treat many areas at once.


Jordan: Have you heard from any clients about that? From anybody who’s tried both machines or any experiences specifically with ELITEs?


Jennifer: Everyone got results with either machine. I think clients can sense that our technicians are happier using ELITEs because they’re easier and quicker to operate. People enjoy less time in the treatment chair. There have been people who have done, for instance, their second treatment with ELITEs vs. first treatment with Legacy; they’ve noticed they’re able to get out faster and that the technicians aren’t jumping over each other to get the machines situated.


We could do it before, but it was just more like a “gymnastics routine”. Now, it’s almost like doing a well-polished, well-oiled dance. Clients just go in there and there’s sometimes two or three technicians at once. They situate the applicators and ELITEs help the whole process.


Jordan: I’ve been in the treatment rooms taking pictures, and I will say that it’s nice not to have to jump over so many machines to do that!


Jennifer: Exactly. And they light up all pretty, so we like that.


Jordan: We do like that!


Jennifer: The other thing: If anyone has heard of Brilliant Distinctions from the past, it’s Allergan’s reward system. Allergan Pharmaceuticals owns Botox, Juvederm, CoolSculpting, etc. So we are able to issue membership points, now called Allē. You get Allē points when you do anything in the Allergan portfolio of treatments. You can also use points towards SkinMedica products (owned by Allergan).


The new ELITE machines have a way to scan in your points and make it easier to use Allē’s system. So we’re able to issue points right from the treatment room on the machines (over the internet) because the machines are connected. So it’s pretty cool. When clients do CoolSculpting with us, they’re issued enough points to get money off the next treatment. Sometimes people pay zero out of pocket for a product because they have points accumulated from CoolSculpting, or they get $60 off Botox because they have points. So there’s some benefit to that too.


Jordan: Yes, there’s always some points system in effect – in terms of double points for a certain month – so if you follow us on our Instagram (@AdvancedSkinAndBody) you’ll be able to see those. But Jennifer, thank you so much for answering my questions. That’s all I have for you for today. Thank you again for chatting with me about CoolSculpting!


Jennifer: Thanks Jordan. I’ll talk to you soon!