How does coolsculpting feel
Hi, I’m Jordan Decker – Marketing Director at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, Washington. With
CoolSculpting revolutionizing the fat reduction industry, I wanted to take time discussing my own experience with the

If you’re still skeptical about fat freezing, you might be asking, “How does CoolSculpting feel?” Hopefully my story paves the way for you! You can call or text questions to: (425) 643-5772.

I got CoolSculpting to understand the appointment, how it feels, and the results! I wanted to know firsthand. I was told by Jennifer Washburn, Owner at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, that my “fat type” might work well for sculpting, but they’d need to check. We started with a consultation…

The Free Consultation

What should you expect at the initial consultation? It’s very simple. Jennifer and her CoolSculpting “Cool Team” offer free consultations to all. I asked Jennifer why she doesn’t charge for their time. She explained: 

“We offer complimentary consultations for all services that we provide! At Advanced Skin and Body we want to make sure everyone is an appropriate candidate for CoolSculpting. We need to squeeze your fat in person (or see it squeezed over Zoom) to see if it’s the right type for CoolSculpting.”

That’s the standard test: hand-squeezing fat in trouble areas to see if it’s prime for sculpting. Jennifer elaborated that some fat is “under the muscle” – AKA, unfreezable. On the other hand, I had the right fat type for CoolSculpting, and could get good results.

For those with the wrong type (visceral fat), they advise their patients to diet and exercise. And, if you’re looking for muscle tone and don’t have much “squishy” fat, there’s always CoolTone – which provides muscle contraction to abs, glutes, and thighs to tighten / tone. 

From here, CoolSculpting can help further “sculpt” your appearance. A combination of CoolSculpting, CoolTone, diet, and exercise is ideal!

I decided on smaller CoolSculpting areas for my stomach fat. This was Jennifer’s recommendation. She concluded:

“You are a great candidate for this! You’re in good shape, you already exercise, and your ‘problem area’ is focused. Exactly what CoolSculpting was made for.”how does coolsculpting feel

I was excited to get started!

The CoolSculpting Begins

We began, and Jennifer matched me up with one of her “Cool Team” members. Today, it was Diamond CoolSculpting Specialist Danielle Lineback. She was very helpful and informative throughout the process! 

Danielle used a red marker to draw lines on my stomach where they’d place the cold applicators. She told me that we’d do two 35-minute sessions with small applicators on my lower stomach. She prepped the area with a wipe, then applied a sticky pad to create better contact with the applicator (and protect my skin from the cold!).

She placed the applicator (held in place by suction), then turned on the cooling cycle. As they always do, she set me up with an iPad and Netflix. I turned on my favorite sitcom, “The Office”, and settled in! I was happy to be in such a relaxed medispa environment.

How Does CoolSculpting Feel, Really?

Well, no surprise: CoolSculpting is cold. It feels like a solid ice pack held against your fat, getting colder through the procedure’s first five minutes. To start, I felt tingling and itching with some mild discomfort. After that, my stomach skin went numb. Apparently, most clients report feeling numbness at this time.

Danielle explained, “Most patients go numb starting now, which lasts until the end!”. This instantly put me at ease, and the discomfort was easy to tolerate. She told me to enjoy Netflix, relax, and ring them with the call button if I had any questions / concerns.

After 35 minutes, Danielle returned to switch my cold applicators to different angles – to cover more skin and fat cells. She stopped suction on the first applicator to administer a two minute “massage”. This wasn’t a great massage; instead, it was a bit uncomfortable and achy, but only lasts two minutes! Danielle explained:

“After the CoolSculpting freeze, we have to massage the frozen fat cells in the area. This helps to break up and kill more fat cells, but often feels strange.”

Next, she repeated another fat freezing round on the other side of my stomach. In total, I was CoolSculpting for over an hour. The time flew by with that iPad!

Before leaving, they took some “before and after” photos to track my results (see some Advanced Skin and Body Solutions results below!). All-in-all: CoolSculpting took 1.5 hours.

How does coolsculpting feel

The Results

So, how well did it work? Jennifer and Danielle mentioned I could start noticing fat reduction in 5+ weeks, but full results can take 3 months to reveal. Post-procedure, they advised I might feel some itching and numbness in that area, which I did. I felt numbness for the next week or so, but no pain.

In ~5 weeks, my fat reduction was noticeable! Previously, I had a “stomach pouch” I’d notice while gaining weight. Post-CoolSculpting, I found the area much less prone to growth. As months passed, the area lost noticeable fat compared to the surrounding areas (back, love handles, etc.) which did not have CoolSculpting. My stomach fat has never filled in the same way since!

Even with two small cold applicators, I got a huge benefit. Hats off to Jennifer, Danielle and their “Cool Team” for maximizing my results! So, how does CoolSculpting feel? Not bad at all. I’ll certainly be back for more. 

Advanced Skin and Body Solutions also offers a variety of CoolSculpting applicators for fat reduction. Sculpt your chin, arms, “man boobs”, love handles, sides / flanks, and more. I had just a small “pouch”, but they usually do multiple areas.

Just take our easy web quiz – to find out if you’re a candidate! You can also call or text your questions to: (425) 643-5772. 

We’d love to assist you!