If you have been following the latest nonsurgical body contouring options, then you have probably heard of CoolSculpting. This breakthrough procedure is a great way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, without undergoing surgery. At our Bellevue officer, we offer CoolSculpting and DualScultping to help you look and feel your best!

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses cooling technology that targets and freezes stubborn fat cells while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. It can be used to treat almost any area of the body, including the chin, upper arms, abdomen, flanks, and inner and outer thighs. Essentially, CoolSculpting in Bellevue is a non-surgical fat reduction in Bellevue! During treatment, a special applicator will be used. The excess fat will be suctioned into the applicator, and the cooling will begin. It takes about one hour to treat one treatment area. During this time, many patients read, do work, or even nap!

There is also no downtime needed following CoolSculpting in Bellevue treatments, so you can return to your everyday activities as soon as you feel comfortable!

DualSculpting in Bellevue

At our practice, we are proud to offer two CoolSculpting machines to help save you time. We call this DualSculpting! By using two machines, we can treat two targeted areas at once, which means quicker results! Plus, we can freeze more fat in a shorter time period, so you can slim down, quicker.

If you are interested in learning more about DualSculpting and CoolSculpting in Bellevue, WA office, contact us today to schedule a consultation.