eyelash extensions bellevue Some habits are harder to break than others. However when you spend time and money on one of today’s most seductive beauty treatments, you will want to do everything you can to break some long-held beauty habits — immediately. Eyelash extensions are stunningly beautiful. They are time consuming to attach and they must be filled in as the real lashes grow out and when extensions come unglued as sometimes happens. Next to the research you do to find an exceptional salon or lash lounge, after care is the single most important thing to consider. Whether you’ve already begun your lash addiction or are getting ready to lavish yourself with lash extensions, commit these few no-no’s to memory. When strictly adhered to, your beautiful lush lashes will last long, longer, longest between fills.

Say “no-no” to water

Make your eyes a wet-free zone for 48 hours. Stay dry! This is the number one rule for keeping those lush lashes attached. That means no crying, no swimming, no splashing your face with water. And avoid getting your face wet in the shower. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself to lash extensions before a wedding, or other important event make sure to schedule your lash application at least 3 days prior! And don’t watch or go to any sad movies! Or happy ones either if you are prone to tears of joy. Anytime after the first 48-hours, you can let the tears flow!

Say “no-no” to oil based products

Make your eyes an oil-free zone from now on. If it’s greasy, it’s got to go! Oil is a lubricant and even the strongest adhesives will come unglued. With your gorgeous, long, lush lash extensions you will no longer use oil-based eyeliner or make up remover. A line of oil-free products compatible with lash extensions has already been developed to remove eye shadow and eyebrow pencil. Your lash technician can make recommendations. And be sure to use lint free swabs around your lashes that won’t accidentally snag and pull at your extensions.

Say “no-no” to mascara

Make your eyes a mascara free zone. Remove mascara from your make-up case! You just won’t need it anymore. Lash extensions are a replacement for mascara. You may even find you’ll forgo eyeliner too, since the lashes attach at the lash line giving you the look of liner. Besides being a daily little time-saver, the money you save on expensive mascara can now go toward your lash fills. If you just can’t make the break from mascara, do be sure to invest in one that is compatible with lash extensions. You are now prepared to say yes to lash extensions and to look and feel more glamorous and beautiful than ever.

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