While great skin care has been/is / will always be a cornerstone of the beauty world, celebrities (like Alicia Keys and Zoe Saldana) have helped make it one of the hottest trends this summer by wearing their bare faces on red carpets, premieres, and other events. The combination of summertime and soft little-to-no makeup looks has many of us chasing this natural, dewy summer glow.

But how do we go about getting this summer look?

Here are 4 tips to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Wear Less Face Makeup

Not only is this the key tip for this trendy summer look but it’s also practical. It allows your skin to breathe and helps keep oils from accumulating and clogging pores. It also keeps you from worrying if your foundation is smearing or looking cakey. Reducing your foundation use will allow you achieve this look while being practical, cost-effective, and time-saving.

If you don’t feel comfortable going without foundation, dip your toe in by wearing lightweight foundation instead of a full coverage or use a light concealer to cover blemishes or spots.

Brush up your brows, highlight your cheekbones, and tap on some blush and/or bronzer to elevate your natural look.

Switch to a Foamy Cleanser

It’s a common practice to use creamy cleansers during the winter season to fight dry, flaky skin. While this is a great move for cold weather, it isn’t helpful during the summer when we’re dealing with humidity and heat that causes us to sweat more. Switching over to a foam or foamy cleanser will more effectively fight the extra grime and oil that comes with the summer months.


Use a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week to reduce dead skin cells and clean out pores. Feel free to use a gentle cleansing brush to thoroughly cleanse without damaging your skin. Try to avoid products containing ingredients that make you more susceptible to the sun, like glycolic or retinol. While we want to make way for product to reach the skin, we don’t want to make way for the sun.

Still feeling grimy? Our Dermazyme Facial is a great, relaxing way to achieve the fresh, glowing summer skin we’re all striving for. (Psst! And it’s on sale this month!)

Sunscreen & Lightweight Moisturizers

Although our skin holds in moisture better in the summer, it’s still crucial to protect it. Even if you aren’t hanging outside, be sure to apply sunscreen as you start your day to protect you from any sun exposure. If you are spending your day at the beach, lake, etc., remember to reapply often as sunscreen smears and fades – especially on a sweaty day.

Even if you find your skin oily during these hot months, don’t ditch your moisturizing routine. Switching to a lightweight moisturizer can bring you the protection your skin needs without leaving you feeling sticky or over moisturized. A water-based lightweight moisturizer helps continue to fight wrinkles, reduce the appearance of existing blemishes, and help promote skin rejuvenation.

Find Your Glow at ASBS

If your skin still isn’t to your satisfaction, your Bellevue spa is here to help get you your skin care glow. Let us help you prepare for your days on the beach, lake, or community pool with our June specials on laser hair removal, micropenning, and more! Request an appointment or call us today at 425-643-5772.