While great skin care has been/is / will always be a cornerstone of the beauty world, celebrities (like Alicia Keys and Zoe Saldana) have helped make it one of the hottest trends this summer by wearing their bare faces on red carpets, premieres, and other events. The combination of summertime and soft little-to-no makeup looks has many of us chasing this natural, dewy summer glow.

But how do we go about getting this summer look?

Here are 4 tips to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Wear Less Face Makeup

Not only is this the key tip for this trendy summer look but it’s also practical. It allows your skin to breathe and helps keep oils from accumulating and clogging pores. It also keeps you from worrying if your foundation is smearing or looking cakey. Reducing your foundation use will allow you achieve this look while being practical, cost-effective, and time-saving.

If you don’t feel comfortable going without foundation, dip your toe in by wearing lightweight foundation instead of a full coverage or use a light concealer to cover blemishes or spots.

Brush up your brows, highlight your cheekbones, and tap on some blush and/or bronzer to elevate your natural look.

Switch to a Foamy Cleanser

It’s a common practice to use creamy cleansers during the winter season to fight dry, flaky skin. While this is a great move for cold weather, it isn’t helpful during the summer when we’re dealing with humidity and heat that causes us to sweat more. Switching over to a foam or foamy cleanser will more effectively fight the extra grime and oil that comes with the summer months.


Use a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week to reduce dead skin cells and clean out pores. Feel free to use a gentle cleansing brush to thoroughly cleanse without damaging your skin. Try to avoid products containing ingredients that make you more susceptible to the sun, like glycolic or retinol. While we want to make way for product to reach the skin, we don’t want to make way for the sun.

Still feeling grimy? Our Dermazyme Facial is a great, relaxing way to achieve the fresh, glowing summer skin we’re all striving for. (Psst! And it’s on sale this month!)

Sunscreen & Lightweight Moisturizers

Although our skin holds in moisture better in the summer, it’s still crucial to protect it. Even if you aren’t hanging outside, be sure to apply sunscreen as you start your day to protect you from any sun exposure. If you are spending your day at the beach, lake, etc., remember to reapply often as sunscreen smears and fades – especially on a sweaty day.

Even if you find your skin oily during these hot months, don’t ditch your moisturizing routine. Switching to a lightweight moisturizer can bring you the protection your skin needs without leaving you feeling sticky or over moisturized. A water-based lightweight moisturizer helps continue to fight wrinkles, reduce the appearance of existing blemishes, and help promote skin rejuvenation.

Find Your Glow at ASBS

If your skin still isn’t to your satisfaction, your Bellevue spa is here to help get you your skin care glow. Let us help you prepare for your days on the beach, lake, or community pool with our June specials on laser hair removal, micropenning, and more! Request an appointment or call us today at 425-643-5772.

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Watching your body change right in front of your eyes can be difficult. When we’re young we worry less about frown lines and crow’s feet, if at all. Although we were warned about our skin’s eventually changes, it’s jarring once they’re knocking on your doorstep. We adjust our skin care routine to incorporate more moisturizers and serums but it’s not always enough to get our skin looking like it was. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions’ signature Ultimate Age Defying Facial effectively targets aspects of aging skin to help it regain your skin’s youthful characteristics through 4 different therapies.

What Aspects of Aging Skin Does the Facial Target?

1.Thick Skin

Over time, our skin goes through a lot. We experience acne and the scarring that comes along with it. Microdermabrasion is one of the skin therapies used in our Age Defying Facial. This medical grade, painless, non-invasive treatment involves spraying microcrystals onto the skin and using a suction device to exfoliate the skin and reduce the top layer of dead skin cells. It’ll leave your skin softer and smoother.

2. Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dark Spots, and Acne Scars

The Glycolic Peel is an effective way to tackle wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, dark spots, and acne scars. This chemical peel captures the outer layers of skin, reducing rough and dry skin, leaving uneven skin coloring and wrinkles behind, ultimately improving your skin’s appearance.

3. Skin Tone & Texture

Another skin therapy we use in the Age Defying Facial is the LED Light Treatment, a.k.a. Photo Rejuvenation. Originally used in the U.S. by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue in space, this specific light at exact wavelengths can be absorbed by connective tissue cells, promoting the production of collagen and elastic proteins that make the skin supple and flexible. This light stimulates the skin and underlying tissues enough to make eyes look less puffy, define cheekbones and jaw line, and make skin overall firmer.

4. Dull Skin

Our skin loses its natural glow over time. The bt-micro® ultrasonic treatment also exfoliates to leave skin smooth, soft, and ready to absorb skin care products. The skin treatment uses ultrasonic microcurrents to encourage applied product further into the skin. The bt-micro treatment also increases circulation and promotes cell renewal.

We recommend getting a series of 3 – 5 Age Defying Facials every 2 – 4 weeks that may give you the best results.

The Best Part of Our Signature Facial

Want to know the best part of our signature facial? It’s on sale for the entire month of April! Come in, sit back and relax while we work our magic.

Call us at 425-643-5772 or request an appointment online today!

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If eyes are the windows to the soul and eyebrows are the curtains, then what are eyelashes? After considering our options we’ve landed on burglar bars. Strange choice -I know- but hear us out.

The biological purpose for eyelashes is to protect eyes from dirt and any aggressive airflow that may dry out your eyes. Occasionally they may betray us by being the very thing that has us grabbing for a tissue and hand-held mirror, but trust us, they do more good than harm. Having healthy, thick, long lashes can be not only benefit your eyes but leave you feeling beautiful and confident. Here are a few tips to help you achieve long lashes with some strength behind them.

Brush Your Eyelashes Daily

You may want to add brushing your eyelashes to your morning or evening routine. As we brush our hair to remove dirt and dust particles, we can do the same for our lashes. It also stimulates circulation in the area and helps reduce clogged pores. Pick up a lash comb or wand at your local supermarket or beauty store.

Warning: Be sure to always gently handle the area around your eyes, including your eyelashes. Avoid rubbing or stretching the skin, which promotes the formation of wrinkles.

Eyelid Massages

The luxury and benefits of a massage aren’t exclusive to the muscles in your body. Stimulating blood circulation through gentle eyelid massages promotes lash growth and leaves you feeling relaxed. This tip may be the strangest in the bunch but many beauty gurus swear by it.

DIY Remedies

Natural products you may already have around the house can be a great help in strengthening lashes and promoting more, quickier growth. Items such as Aloe Vera, olive oil, coconut oil, and green tea moisturize the lash line, allowing hair growth. Dip a cotton swab in any of these natural products and sweep it across your lash line. Repeat daily and watch the growth!

Looking for a product that’s natural and has amazing growth-power? Check out our previous post about AMPLIF-Eye.

Avoid Waterproof Mascara

While waterproof mascara is perfect for kissing in the rain, swimming at pool parties, and crying during sappy rom-coms, waterproof mascara is not ideal for daily use. It strips your lashes of moisture that’s essential to the lash growth and strengthening process. All mascara stiffens your lashes, making them less durable. Waterproof mascara exacerbates this issue by making the product more difficult to remove, resulting in more rubbing and pulling of your natural lashes.

Remove All (Eye) Makeup Before Bed

Our eyelashes (and skin, for that matter) need time to breathe without product. We recommend going makeup-free whenever possible. Bedtime is a great opportunity to give your skin and lashes the freedom it needs.

Eyelash Extensions

Most of the tips provided above are long term solutions for healthy, thick, long lashes. What if you need your lashes to look great for a special occasion this week? Have no fear, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is here! Our professional team of eyelash extension experts can safely boost to your lash line. You’ll wow your peers in no time!

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Now that we see more daylight and see more flowers and feel the heat seeping into our lives again, we can officially conclude that Spring is here! You might be thinking you can say goodbye to dry skin, etc, but Spring is packed with plenty of skin problems of it’s own. Here are some solutions to those that might help you enjoy the coming of Spring a little more.

Problem 1: Scaly rough patches that may be eczema
Surprising to some, the heat of Spring can actually dry out your skin and the water within
it, causing patches of scaly skin to appear.
Solution: Find a humectant-based moisturizer to apply after you clean any area of your
body experiencing eczema. This way, the skin will remain moist and smooth.

Problem 2: Small pimples and blushing
Perhaps you have a small or big case of rosacea. Rosacea can appear on different parts
of your body and the face. For those with sensitive skin, it’s not uncommon to start
feeling and seeing the redness from heat.
Solution: Find an anti-inflammatory soother or use sunscreen daily of SPF 30.

Problem 3: Heat Rash with itching
A heat rash is often the cause of your sweat ducts being blocked and so your body heats
up since it can’t release that sweat (which is what actually cools you down) beneath the skin.
Solution: Applying some menthol on the affected areas should improve the burning sensation. Ice packs to cool you down will also reduce the rash.

Problem 4: Itchy skin because of increased allergies in the air
While the brutal cold has come and gone, itchy skin because of blooming allergies isn’t
Solution: Shower after coming from outside so those allergens don’t stay on your skin for too long, exercise near the end of the day since allergen counts will be less, and be careful what you put on your face. Be sure to apply sunscreen coats and try to limit the use of products that contain harsh chemicals.

Keep your skin feeling and looking great with some TLC at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions. It’s clear to see that the Spring is great, but can still cause some irritation to your skin. Our Signature Series Experience features 3 facial treatments at our best value to keep your skin smooth, healthy, and protected. Book yours today!

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