Now that we see more daylight and see more flowers and feel the heat seeping into our lives again, we can officially conclude that Spring is here! You might be thinking you can say goodbye to dry skin, etc, but Spring is packed with plenty of skin problems of it’s own. Here are some solutions to those that might help you enjoy the coming of Spring a little more.

Problem 1: Scaly rough patches that may be eczema
Surprising to some, the heat of Spring can actually dry out your skin and the water within
it, causing patches of scaly skin to appear.
Solution: Find a humectant-based moisturizer to apply after you clean any area of your
body experiencing eczema. This way, the skin will remain moist and smooth.

Problem 2: Small pimples and blushing
Perhaps you have a small or big case of rosacea. Rosacea can appear on different parts
of your body and the face. For those with sensitive skin, it’s not uncommon to start
feeling and seeing the redness from heat.
Solution: Find an anti-inflammatory soother or use sunscreen daily of SPF 30.

Problem 3: Heat Rash with itching
A heat rash is often the cause of your sweat ducts being blocked and so your body heats
up since it can’t release that sweat (which is what actually cools you down) beneath the skin.
Solution: Applying some menthol on the affected areas should improve the burning sensation. Ice packs to cool you down will also reduce the rash.

Problem 4: Itchy skin because of increased allergies in the air
While the brutal cold has come and gone, itchy skin because of blooming allergies isn’t
Solution: Shower after coming from outside so those allergens don’t stay on your skin for too long, exercise near the end of the day since allergen counts will be less, and be careful what you put on your face. Be sure to apply sunscreen coats and try to limit the use of products that contain harsh chemicals.

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