Let’s be honest—most women hate putting on makeup every morning. It’s tedious, and it’s a waste of time. How much extra sleep could you get each night if you didn’t have to spend so much time in front of the mirror before heading off to work?

And yet, as women, we continue to spend hours each week applying makeup.


Because we have to look our best. Going to work, to school, or even to lunch without makeup on just isn’t an option.

The choice is simple—spend hours applying makeup, or start the day feeling insecure and unattractive.

But what if I told you that there was another option?

Well… there is.

Let me tell you about permanent cosmetics. Permanent cosmetic makeup is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as “micropigmentation”, “micropigment implantation” or “dermagraphics”. The cosmetic makeup implantation technique deposits tiny individual implants of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

Permanent cosmetics and makeup procedures are performed using various machines and methods, including the traditional (or specialized) tattoo or coil machines, the pen or rotary machine and the non-machine or hand method.

Permanent cosmetics procedures include the initial consultation, initial application of pigment, and usually one or two follow up visits for adjusting the shape and color or density of the pigment.

When your treatment is complete, you’re free—no more spending hours each morning in front of your mirror! You can stop worrying about smudges. You don’t have to worry about water washing your makeup away.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, our permanent cosmetics expert is Tawnya Lemley. Tawnya has specialized in permanent cosmetics for nearly a decade now—and she is passionate about helping women feel better about themselves. Tawnya uses the Nouveau Countour digital permanent makeup machine (www.nouveaucontour.com) – and she would like to personally invite you to come in and experience the stunning results for yourself.

Permanent cosmetics can be an ideal solution for many women, including:

  • Physically active people who want to look their best throughout activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics, and don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics.
  • Those with allergies and sensitive skin who often can’t wear other cosmetics.
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying their cosmetics.
  • Motor impaired individuals including arthritics, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors, and those with unsteady hands who cannot apply their own makeup.
  • Women who want to look their best all the time, even when they wake up.
  • Mothers and other busy professionals who don’t have time for makeup.

What do you think? Are you ready to look your best—without applying makeup each day? If so, give us a call at 425-643-5772 today!

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Fall is here again—the leaves are starting to change, the kids are back in school, and Spa Week is right around the corner!  If you have been a longtime Advanced Skin and Body Solutions customer, you have no doubt been looking forward to this event all year.  For those of you unfamiliar with Spa Week, it is a nationwide event, held this year from October 10 to October 16, in which full-service spa treatments are offered for only $50!  Our customers love Spa Week, and we are so excited to be participating this year!

Whether you regularly visit our spa or you will be a first-time visitor, at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions we offer a wide variety of treatments. Recently, one of our most popular offerings has been our Synergie Light Treatment.  In contrast to high power lasers which are used for surgery or “peels” this low power light treatment stimulates the cells in order to produce softer, more youthful-looking skin. Typically light in the red and near-infrared (invisible light) spectrum are used for treating aging, photo-damaged or blotchy skin and tissue regeneration.  Light Therapy is safe when applied properly and has no feeling except for a very mild warmth. The power of the Light Therapy device being used determines the length of time required to perform a complete facial. Those seeking more beautiful and younger looking skin can look forward with great anticipation to having Light Therapy as part of their beauty regimen.

In addition to our Synergie Light Treatment, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions offers everything from age-defying facials to sunless tanning and eyelash extensions—in short, we have what it takes to have you looking and feeling your best!

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we are proud to provide exceptional service to each and every one of our clients—in fact, our service is one of the secrets to our success.  If you have heard the buzz surrounding our spa but haven’t had the chance to experience it for yourself, Spa Week offers the perfect opportunity!  For more information about Spa Week, visit http://www.spaweek.com.  To book your treatment at our Spa, call us today at 425-643-5772!  Spots go quickly, so don’t delay.  See you at the Spa!

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At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we have a simple goal: to provide exceptional value and top-quality services to each and every one of our clients.  That goal led us to develop our Ultimate Age Defying Facial and is the reason we have partnered with leading suppliers such as Versaspa, Syngergie, and Sudatonic.  It is the reason we have developed and trained our talented stylists into a truly exceptional team.  And our commitment to quality and value is the driving force behind our upcoming online booking system.  In the near future our clients will have the ability to schedule their next sessions without even picking up the phone.  Our state of the art booking system will allow each client to select the time that works best for their busy schedule and set up the appointment with a click of the mouse.  It is the latest example of the Advanced Skin and Body Solutions’ commitment to our customers—and we hope you will take advantage in the near future.

In our fast-paced world, time is everything.  We understand that each of our clients is doing their best to maintain a complicated juggling act—working, running errands, taking care of the kids, and more.  With the amount that many of our clients have on their plate, it can be difficult for them to find the time they need to take care of themselves, whether that means enjoying a relaxing massage, enjoying an Age Defying Facial, or spending time in our sunless tanning bed.  To better serve our customers, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions decided that we need to develop a solution for our busy clients—and that is why we are proud to announce that our online booking system will be available in the near future.  Rather than picking up the phone, our customers will be able to view available time slots and set their appointment through our website.  Our goal is always to provide maximum value to each client, and for us the development of an online booking system was just the next step in achieving that goal.

While some spas do not see the value in saving their customers time and effort, at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we are always looking out for our clients.  We have invested time and resources into the development of our products and services in order to provide maximum value, and our online booking system is a natural extension of our customer-first philosophy.  As our customers can testify, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions will not rest until each client is looking their best.  Whether it is our Ultimate Age Defying Facial, Permanent Cosmetics, Eyelash Extensions, or other services, our stylists are dedicated to beauty solutions that really work.  When it comes to providing value and quality services, nobody can compete with Advanced Skin and Body Solutions—and soon, thanks to our upcoming online booking system, booking your next appointment will be easier than ever!

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Are you eyebrows and eyelashes thin, short, or gray?  If so, you have probably been told that there is nothing you can do about it.  And maybe in the past that was true—but today, thanks to AMPLIF-eye lash and brow fortifier, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions can have your lashes looking darker, thicker, and more sensual.  AMPLIF-eye is a healthy and drug-free formula that really works—and it’s available right here at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions.

A highly concentrated formula consisting of peptides and botanical extracts, AMPLIF-eye is designed to penetrate the roots of sparse lashes and eyebrows.  By nourishing and fortifying the follicles, this formula stimulates the production of thicker and darker lashes.  Not only are these lashes more attractive—but they are also healthier.  AMPLIF-eye is truly a win-win solution for anyone unhappy with sparse lashes and eyebrows!

While other lash products may consist of laboratory manufactured chemicals that may or may not be healthy, AMPLIF-eye is jam-packed with soothing and nutritious botanicals.  These botanicals include Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, Evening Primrose, Nettle, Rosemary Leaf, Ginseng, Apple, and more.  Combined with rejuvenating peptides and suspended in a revolutionary delivery system, AMPLIF-eye is designed to get to the roots of your lashes and deliver results you will have to see to believe.

In addition to looking great naturally, eyebrows and lashes that have been AMPLIF-eyed by the experts at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions make a fantastic base for eyelash extensions.  You will not believe the vibrant and healthy lashes produced by AMPLIF-eye when extensions are applied.  AMPLIF-eye will take your eyelash extensions to the next level—the results are truly breathtaking!

For years you have been told that there is very little you can do about your thin eyelashes.  You’ve heard this so much that you have begun to believe it.  So you settle for your sparse lashes—though from time to time you experiment with extensions, which never seem to look quite right.  If this describes your situation, this article has probably sounded too good to be true so far.  I can personally guarantee that AMPLIF-eye really works—and trust me, you will be thrilled with the results.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we specialize in providing “impossible” results to our clients.  We proud that, through a unique blend of skill, knowledge, and technology, our team can provide results that literally take clients’ breath away.  Whether it is our age-defying facial or our sunless tanning techniques, our mission is to enable each client to look their best—safely and without spending a fortune.  If you would like more information about our AMPLIF-eye lash and brow fortifier, or any of our other services, please get in touch today.  You won’t believe how good you will look!

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Are you smarter than a fifth grader? School-aged children know the answer to this trivia question, how about you? “What is the human body’s largest organ?” No, it isn’t your heart. It is your skin.

In the average adult it covers about 3000 square inches and weighs around six pounds, which is nearly twice the weight of the human brain or liver. The skin can regenerate and repair itself under most conditions. As the protector of the body, the skin is the first defensive element against foreign substances entering the body as well as protecting the body from trauma.

It’s your biggest organ, and it is one of your biggest defenses against the world, so it is important that you protect it from the elements and treat it with care. Of course, you also want it to look its best, so here are some ideas to keep your skin healthy, young and vibrant.

Sun Protection – If you haven’t heard about the importance of sun protection, you must be living under a rock. Yet, while we all know it is important to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, many of us still desire that sun-kissed glow. But since leathery skin is so 1985, skip the sun bathing and go sunless. (Not to worry, we’re not talking the orange glow that debuted in the ‘90s, we are talking a real sun-kissed look – without the damage.)

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, our sunless tanning booth by VersaSpa® offers men and women a full-body treatment that quickly moisturizes, bronzes and hydrates the skin. Our walk-in booth offers ultimate privacy while choosing from four treatment options: a pre-sunless hydration spray, a skin bronzing solution, an anti-aging moisturizer, or a UV skin-defining maximizer. And the best part, of course, is being beach ready without the sun’s harmful damage so you can lather up on sunscreen at the beach and still look golden.

Buff And Polish – Even the best creams and lotions can only do so much in the war against aging, sun spots and imperfect skin. In order to really rejuvenate your skin, you must remove layers of trapped dead skin cells and promote skin cellular growth. One of the most effective treatments to buff and polish your skin to achieve a minimized appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes is microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion offers softer, smoother skin with virtually no recovery time or no discomfort. In fact, patients can return to work immediately after the procedure. While a normal course of microdermabrasion treatments varies between 4 to 8, at approximately 2-week intervals, many patients actually feel and see a difference just after one or two microdermabrasion treatments. Hey, it’s your most visible organ too, so you want to keep it smooth and polished.

Clear Your Pores – Keep your pores free of pesky dirt and oils by blasting it with painless light from a blue LED that has been proven to kill acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes. In addition to clearing out your pores, Synergie Light Treatments stimulate cellular growth and regeneration helping your skin to appear younger and smoother.

Another benefit of Synergie Light Treatments is that they can be used in conjunction with other facial treatments at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions to further the results seen by both treatment programs.

So if you are smarter than a fifth grader, then you will take steps to protect your largest organ from the elements and take advantage of skin treatments to keep your skin looking its best.

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Of all the unfair beauty myths, the most frustrating is the notion that acne is a teenager’s problem. The truth is many people suffer from adult acne, which can be even more embarrassing because of the perpetuated belief that this problem magically goes away after a certain age.

The good news is that because it is such a prevalent problem for adults, there are adult solutions — solutions that combat many adult skin issues at once including acne, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. How’s that for an adult solution, tackling all of your skin issues with one treatment?

Two procedures offered for adult acne at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions are Microdermabrasion and Blue Light Therapy. And in addition to fantastic results seen by our clients with acne, they are both well-known to rejuvenate skin and give it a more youthful appearance (minus the pimples).

Let’s take a look at microdermabrasion first. A combination of blasting your skin with aluminum oxide crystals and suction by a vacuum helps remove the top layer of skin cells. The crystals act as an abrasion element, gently peeling off the deal layers of skin, while the vacuum gently pulls the dirt and hardened oils from clogged pores. The process also stimulates collagen production, which is essential for keeping the skin tight and pores small. As pores are unclogged, future breakouts are prevented while the appearance fine lines and wrinkles is also minimized (thanks in part to the collagen stimulation). In addition to cleaning out active acne, microdermabrasion also helps rid your face of unwanted acne scaring, further reducing the embarrassing appearance of acne.

While some patients notice subtle improvements after one treatment, a series of treatments is often recommended to further clean out the skin. Regular treatments can help patients maintain soft and clear skin. Imagine clear skin that is also tighter and brighter, that’s the power of microdermabrasion. Since this procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime. However, patients may experience some redness immediately following the treatment, like a windburn, that should subside within a few hours.

Another option to consider for acne is an acne blue light facial. During this 30-minute procedure, a special blue light is focused on the face by way of a hand-held wand. The bulbs in this wand aren’t your average light bulbs, this special blue LED light has a specific wavelength that penetrates the skin and effectively kills acne-causing bacteria allowing the skin to naturally heal on its own. While acne is eliminated by destroying the bacteria, the light also encourages cellular production, which leads to a softer smooth texture.

The light procedure is completely painless; in fact, many patients find the warming light soothing. Additionally, there is now downtime with the blue-light facial and many patients find that they are able to return to work immediately after the procedure. Because of the gentle nature of this treatment, it can even be added to some of our other services so you can enjoy the benefits of multiple procures together.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions we are dedicated to helping you fight all of your skin care battles including acne and wrinkles, so while it may not be fair that you have both, we are here to help. Visit www.eastsidebodyandskin.com or call 425-643-5772 to learn more or book your appointment.

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Forget what you think you know about false eyelashes. Lash extensions are SO different than traditional false lashes – not stiff, not for one-night occasions and not fake looking. Lash extensions are truly like your own lasts, only longer, fuller and better. If you are thinking about lash extensions here’s the scoop on what you need to know.

1)     What are they made out of? Advanced Skin and Body offers two types of lash extensions – authentic mink and synthetic mink. (Yes, mink, but don’t worry, no minks are hurt in the process, they are simply combed for loose hairs.) The benefits of mink include a more natural and feathery appearance, but they come at a bit more cost. On the other hand, synthetic lashes offer a more uniform appearance yet still feel soft and natural.

2)     How long do they last? The initial application of lash extensions can last for weeks at a time, and with regular fills your lashes can last indefinitely.  Forget messy glue and taking time out of your daily routine to apply lashes every day, once your lashes are applied there’s no maintenance (other than periodic fills) to worry with you are ready to start every day with lush lashes from the moment you open your eyes. (And yes, they are water-proof, so enjoy swimming without fear!)

3)     Why do you need fills? Like scalp hair, you shed your natural eyelashes in a cycle. As new lashes grow, old lashes fall out to make room for new ones.  Since extensions are attached to natural lashes, your extensions will naturally be shed with your real lashes. Since this happens over time, regular fills keep your lashes lush.

4)     How long does it take? The initial process for lash application takes about two hours as 60-120 individual extensions are meticulously adhered to your own lashes. This painless process is so relaxing that many patients are lulled to sleep during the application. Fill procedures take only approximately 45 minutes, so you can keep your lashes lush on your lunch break.

5)     Will I still need mascara? Another step you can eliminate from your morning routine (and your budget) – mascara! With last extensions, you will no longer need to mess with mascara. The extensions will naturally darken your lashes, so you will have the look without the work.

All of our lash stylists are professionally trained by Xtreme lashes and are available to answer any other questions you might have. For more information and to book an appointment, call our office at 425-643-5772.  If you have been dreaming of lashes like the stars, you need the stars’ secret weapon – Xtreme lashes last extensions from Advanced Skin & Body Solutions.

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It’s summer—time to show off a great tan!  Whether you are at the beach or visiting family on vacation, a golden tan is always a good look.  But if you are like many people, you are worried about the damage that can be done to your skin while tanning outdoors or in a booth.  Advanced Skin & Body has the perfect solution for your dilemma.  We are proud to offer Sunless Tanning by VersaSpa— a healthy way to get the golden tan you are dreaming of without damaging your skin.

Our Sunless Tanning program is a full body treatment that will quickly moisturize, bronze, and hydrate your skin.  Rather than exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, you can achieve the perfect tan quickly and easily.  We offer two solutions to each client—the first is known as our Cosmetic Bronzer. This solution applies the Magic Tan bronzing solution while at the same time applying a cosmetic bronzer that creates immediate results. The cosmetic bronzers will wash off with your first shower and can be washed out of your clothes with cold water.  Our second solution is known as the Clear Bronzer.  This solution applies the Magic Tan bronzing solution— without the cosmetic bronzer.  By avoiding the cosmetic bronzer, you avoid the possibility of the tan rubbing off on clothing or other items.  This solution is great for clients who simply want a quick tan during their lunch break or in the midst of running errands.  Whichever solution you choose, you will enjoy the perfect bronze tan you’ve been hoping for.  Our tans typically last 5-7 days, depending on the rate at which your skin exfoliates.

Not only are the Sunless Tanning programs at Advanced Skin & Body healthy and convenient, but they are also affordable.  Right now we are proud to offer an incredible deal: a single tan for $15, three tans for $39, or unlimited tanning for only $49 per month.

Who says tanning has to be expensive and unhealthy?  With Sunless Tanning by Versaspa, Advanced Skin & Body is proud to offer the perfect solution to help you look your very best this summer.  Stop in soon to get started!

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Wrinkles… sun damage… acne… do any of those conditions sound familiar?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  Whether your skin damage is the result of too much time in the sun (and too little sunscreen!), a protracted battle with acne, or simply aging, I’ve got great news for you.  At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we have the technology and the ability to roll back the damage done to your skin!

Many women are conditioned to accept the “reality” that aging means wrinkles, and that there is nothing you can do but embrace your changing appearance.  Sure, makeup can conceal the damage to a limited degree… but restoration is impossible.  Or so we have been told.  At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we refuse to accept conventional wisdom.  We have always believed that, through a combination of advanced technology and timeless wisdom, it was possible for a woman to look as good on the outside as she feels on the inside.  It was that belief that led us to develop our Ultimate Age Defying Facial.

Our Ultimate Age Defying Facial is a four stage process combining the best of modern technology with secrets passed down over the years.  The treatment begins with a relaxing Synergie facial toning treatment session.  Next, our esthetician performs a medical grade microdermabrasion treatment—a gentle procedure which eliminates rough and damaged skin from the surface of your face.  In the third stage, a glycolic peel is applied to battle wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, sun damage, and much more.  Finally, a Synergie LED photo rejuvenation is used to improve your skin tone.  By stimulating skin cells using light, this photo rejuvenation treatment prompts cells to produce collagen and elastin—resulting in tighter, smoother, younger looking skin.  The process takes an hour and will leave your skin looking years younger than it did when you walked in the door.  It’s a painless, relaxing, enjoyable way to roll back the years!

If you are seeing signs of damage or the effects of age on your skin, don’t despair—instead, pick up the phone and call Advanced Skin and Body Care Solutions today.  Contrary to popular belief, aging doesn’t have to mean wrinkles and leathery skin.  We’ll have you looking every bit as young as you feel in no time!

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On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil told us to expect spring soon. While many parts of the country are still seeing snow, his prediction means bathing suit season is on its way. If you just gave a little gasp, now is the time to start preparing to be ready for some summer fun.

Eating right and hitting the gym aren’t always enough for those super stubborn areas, which is why Advanced Skin and Body Solutions offers you solutions to get bikini ready.

Got cellulite? Try the Synergie Cellulite Reduction Treatment, an effective non-surgical alternative cellulite treatment for body sculpting and your answer to cellulite reduction. Using Vacuum Massage Technology, this FDA-approved and non-invasive treatment has been shown to dramatically reduce inches and to improve the smoothness of the skin in the treated areas. Because a typical Synergie treatment program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions over a 4, 8 or 16 week period, followed by monthly maintenance visits, now is the perfect time to get started to be ready for summer.

Another option to combat cellulite is the Sudatonic Infrared Slimming and Toning Body Wrap. Utilizing the relaxing benefits of FAR Infrared heat, the body wrap works by raising the body’s temperature to promote perspiration and blood circulation. As the muscles and organs are stimulated and toxic waste (fat, heavy metals and other toxic materials) is removed from your body through perspiration. A combination of 3 steps enables the Sudatonic System to stand out among other body treatments available.

Get ready for summer now by combating unsightly cellulite, you’ll thank us when you are bathing suit ready come summer.

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