Now Offering Lash Lift & Tint Services!

Too stubby. Too thin. Too fair. Droopy. Straight.

There are many aspects about our lashes that we can feel insecure about. Some women turn to mascara and eyelash curlers to correct or elevate their lash appearance. But curling one’s eyelashes daily and consistently wearing waterproof mascara can damage them in the long run.

Some turn to eyelash perms. Similar a perm for your hair, a certified professional uses a perming solution to curl back lashes. Unfortunately, eyelash perms do not always result in the best looking lashes. (No one wants comedically curled lashes.)

What answer can one turn to when they want beautiful lashes but without a great hassle?

Good News: Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is now offering an eyelash service that may be your perfect solution.

Lash Lifts are the exciting new way to give your natural lashes the body, length, and volume you’ve always wanted but with as little maintenance as possible. With the use of a safe, Keratin cream, this unique lash service LIFTS lashes, rather than simply curling them, leaving lengthened and curved lashes. Paired with our lash tinting service, you’ll be leaving our spa with beautiful, long, dark natural eyelashes. This solution is more affordable and requires less maintenance than lash extensions. Why not let your natural lashes shine?

Make your mascara and curler irrelevant. Schedule an appointment today!

Lash Extensions, Dermal Fillers, Botox, All Your Beauty Treatments Now Beautifully Relocated

Sometimes all it takes to make anyone feel fabulous is a great new look and a little change of scenery. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions knows that and has taken this advice to heart.

A Great New Look in A Great New Location

Now located at 12000 NE 8th St Suite 200 Bellevue, WA 98005, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is more convenient and accessible than ever. You’ll find us right off of the 405, just east of the Barrier Mercedes dealership.

Our new home has a fresh look that is contemporary, clean and elegant with amazing Bellevue city views. Something else we’re thrilled about is that there’s plentiful parking right outside the door, too.

Spacious and Gracious

More spacious than ever, we have 2300 square feet in which to pamper you featuring a total of 8 treatment rooms. The sleek contemporary style gives our new home more of a medical-spa feeling, however the warmth and welcoming nature of our staff is as gracious as ever.

Medical Treatments Available Twice a Week

Scheduling your Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments will be much easier at our new location. Our doctor and nurse will be onsite two full days each week instead of the previous one day a week.

Same Exceptional Standards

One thing that has not changed at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions is our commitment to excellence. Our staff of certified aestheticians, laser technicians, lash stylists, and permanent makeup artists are among the area’s most experienced and sought after.

Are You Ready for a Great New Look in Our Great New Location?

Maybe you are ready to try something new. Perhaps a refreshing lush look for your eyes. Lash extensions are popular and are one of the best ways to get a subtle, yet dramatic change that will have your friends wondering what you did differently. Advanced Skin and Body Solutions recently introduced Volume Lash Extensions, otherwise known as Russian or 3-D lash extensions. With Volume Lashes, instead of one synthetic lash being applied to each single, carefully separated eyelash, the Volume Lashes can add from 2 to as many as 5 extensions per natural lash. These 3D
synthetic lashes are so much thinner and lighter that a single natural lash can easily accommodate the new ones with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 extensions per lash. It may be just the new look in a fresh new location that can give you the beauty boost you need for the fall and winter season.

New Services Coming Soon

We will be adding exciting new treatments and services to our menu in the future. Also stay tuned for specials on our popular treatments and services.

Stop by for a visit

If you’re in the neighborhood, please do stop by for a visit. We love showing off our new home. You can see our fresh green logo atop the building. We hope to see you soon and indulge you with a relaxing, rejuvenating beauty treatment to help you look and feel your very best.

Turn Up The Volume! New Volume Lash Extensions Make Their Debut at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions

lash extensions bellevue

You’ve been admiring those almost unbearably thick, luscious lashes, on some of the most popular TV personalities and seductive movie stars. Now these new lashes are making their debut at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions. Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, it’s our turn to “volume-eyes” with this exciting new beauty trend.

It only makes sense that once length and curl were perfected with traditional lash extensions that the next progression would lead to greater volume. Now, instead of one synthetic lash being applied to each single, carefully separated eyelash, new Volume Lashes let you add as many as 5 extensions per natural lash. Thanks to ever evolving technology, these 3D synthetic lashes are so much thinner and lighter that a single natural lash can accommodate the new ones with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 extensions per lash. Due to the whisper lightness of Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions they are equally as safe and non-damaging as the traditional extensions, and may last a little longer too.

If your natural lashes are full and you simply want to add a bit of length or curl, classic lash extensions are perfect for you. However, if your lashes are sparse, thin, and barely visible, Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions will take your eyes to new extremes of beauty.

Our experienced lash stylists have successfully completed advanced training to apply Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions. They’re ready to give you the lush lashes you’ve always wanted.  Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today!

Bellevue lash extensions

Two Employees Pass The Advanced Xtreme Eyelash Directory Certification!

We are so thrilled to congratulate Kayla Wiley and Jennifer “Jonesy” Jones who both recently passed their Advanced Xtreme Eyelash Directory Certification.

Bellevue lash extensions

Kayla Wiley & Jennifer “Jonesy” Jones

In order to complete their certification, the ladies had to:

  • Submit proof of health/beauty license or credentials.
  • Spend 1 month practicing and successfully complete 12 Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions applications on models.
  • Successfully complete a Certification/Directory Training Program by demonstrating:
    • At least 55 eyelash extensions per eye during the 2 hour application time.
    • Proper use of eyelash extension adhesive
    • Proper eyelash extensions attachment.
    • Proper eyelash extensions styling and design.

This training ensures that our stylists are performing at the  highest level of standards for safety, hygiene and beauty for Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions.

Well done Kayla and Jonesy!

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our certified, friendly and highly skilled stylists today!

Introducing Advanced Skin and Body Solutions’ Upcoming Online Booking System

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we have a simple goal: to provide exceptional value and top-quality services to each and every one of our clients.  That goal led us to develop our Ultimate Age Defying Facial and is the reason we have partnered with leading suppliers such as Versaspa, Syngergie, and Sudatonic.  It is the reason we have developed and trained our talented stylists into a truly exceptional team.  And our commitment to quality and value is the driving force behind our upcoming online booking system.  In the near future our clients will have the ability to schedule their next sessions without even picking up the phone.  Our state of the art booking system will allow each client to select the time that works best for their busy schedule and set up the appointment with a click of the mouse.  It is the latest example of the Advanced Skin and Body Solutions’ commitment to our customers—and we hope you will take advantage in the near future.

In our fast-paced world, time is everything.  We understand that each of our clients is doing their best to maintain a complicated juggling act—working, running errands, taking care of the kids, and more.  With the amount that many of our clients have on their plate, it can be difficult for them to find the time they need to take care of themselves, whether that means enjoying a relaxing massage, enjoying an Age Defying Facial, or spending time in our sunless tanning bed.  To better serve our customers, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions decided that we need to develop a solution for our busy clients—and that is why we are proud to announce that our online booking system will be available in the near future.  Rather than picking up the phone, our customers will be able to view available time slots and set their appointment through our website.  Our goal is always to provide maximum value to each client, and for us the development of an online booking system was just the next step in achieving that goal.

While some spas do not see the value in saving their customers time and effort, at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we are always looking out for our clients.  We have invested time and resources into the development of our products and services in order to provide maximum value, and our online booking system is a natural extension of our customer-first philosophy.  As our customers can testify, the team at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions will not rest until each client is looking their best.  Whether it is our Ultimate Age Defying Facial, Permanent Cosmetics, Eyelash Extensions, or other services, our stylists are dedicated to beauty solutions that really work.  When it comes to providing value and quality services, nobody can compete with Advanced Skin and Body Solutions—and soon, thanks to our upcoming online booking system, booking your next appointment will be easier than ever!