Microneedling is an effective way to refresh your face and improve some of the most common skin concerns. Individuals, both young and old, are turning to microneedling in Bellevue for its skin rejuvenating benefits. Here’s what you can expect after your treatment with microneedling:

Minimal Risk

When the appropriate microneedling device is used by a licensed esthetician, there is minimal risk of infection or scarring after treatment. At Advanced Skin and Body, we use the only FDA-approved microneedling device on the market; the SkinPen. Its straight, sterile, and precise needles allow for the most effective and safest results.

Increased Collagen

Before you can enjoy the results of your microneedling treatment, your skin will need time to go through its natural healing process. During microneedling, tiny puncture wounds are created below the surface of the skin with the SkinPen device. This triggers the immune system to go to work repairing the puncture wounds. New collagen and elastin are produced, the essential ingredients to strong, healthy skin.

Skin Tightening

Over time, our skin begins to lose elasticity, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. With new collagen developing after microneedling, you can expect your skin to become stronger, tightening to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Many younger individuals are also turning to microneedling treatment to prolong their youthful looking skin with a boost of collagen.

Improved Blemishes

Along with tightening the skin, microneedling can also improve the appearance of common blemishes such as acne scarring, sun damage, and age spots and can shrink the pores. While the channels in your skin are present after microneedling, skin care products can be more effectively absorbed, so you can get the most out of your products for optimal skin improvement!

To learn more about the microneedling treatment or to schedule your consultation at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions in Bellevue, contact our office today!

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Microneedling in Bellevue has been gaining in popularity as more patients begin to understand the benefits it has on the skin. Because of this, many microneedling devices are entering the market, but the SkinPen is the only FDA-approved device so far. Keep reading to learn what sets the SkinPen apart!

What is the SkinPen® Microneedling Device?

The SkinPen is a handheld microneedling device that contains many tiny needles. In case you’re new to the microneedling world, the treatment involves creating tiny puncture wounds in the skin, stimulating the body’s healing process. Blood flow is increased to the area and the formation of new collagen and elastin is developed, resulting in stronger, healthier skin with reduced lines and wrinkles, acne marks, and other blemishes.

The SkinPen® Difference

There are many microneedling devices on the market from rollers to smaller at-home devices, but only the SkinPen has been approved by the FDA. A number of risks have been uncovered involving the use of non-FDA-approved devices. Because the needles of the device are penetrating the skin, it is and should be considered a class II medical device. The SkinPen is the only device that has been verified as using sterile, straight needles, with precise depth control. Other non-approved devices have shown to have hooked or jagged needles, making them less effective.

SkinPen® Microneedling Benefits 

If you want to experience the benefits of microneedling without the fear of an ineffective or even dangerous device, be sure to choose a dermatologist that offers the SkinPen. If you are in the Bellevue, WA area, you contact Advanced Skin and Body Solutions for your microneedling treatment with the FDA-approved SkinPen. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with a skin care professional!

Learn more about why you should choose the SkinPen® Microneedling treatment at our premier medical spa in Bellevue, Washington.

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While great skin care has been/is / will always be a cornerstone of the beauty world, celebrities (like Alicia Keys and Zoe Saldana) have helped make it one of the hottest trends this summer by wearing their bare faces on red carpets, premieres, and other events. The combination of summertime and soft little-to-no makeup looks has many of us chasing this natural, dewy summer glow.

But how do we go about getting this summer look?

Here are 4 tips to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Wear Less Face Makeup

Not only is this the key tip for this trendy summer look but it’s also practical. It allows your skin to breathe and helps keep oils from accumulating and clogging pores. It also keeps you from worrying if your foundation is smearing or looking cakey. Reducing your foundation use will allow you achieve this look while being practical, cost-effective, and time-saving.

If you don’t feel comfortable going without foundation, dip your toe in by wearing lightweight foundation instead of a full coverage or use a light concealer to cover blemishes or spots.

Brush up your brows, highlight your cheekbones, and tap on some blush and/or bronzer to elevate your natural look.

Switch to a Foamy Cleanser

It’s a common practice to use creamy cleansers during the winter season to fight dry, flaky skin. While this is a great move for cold weather, it isn’t helpful during the summer when we’re dealing with humidity and heat that causes us to sweat more. Switching over to a foam or foamy cleanser will more effectively fight the extra grime and oil that comes with the summer months.


Use a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week to reduce dead skin cells and clean out pores. Feel free to use a gentle cleansing brush to thoroughly cleanse without damaging your skin. Try to avoid products containing ingredients that make you more susceptible to the sun, like glycolic or retinol. While we want to make way for product to reach the skin, we don’t want to make way for the sun.

Still feeling grimy? Our Dermazyme Facial is a great, relaxing way to achieve the fresh, glowing summer skin we’re all striving for. (Psst! And it’s on sale this month!)

Sunscreen & Lightweight Moisturizers

Although our skin holds in moisture better in the summer, it’s still crucial to protect it. Even if you aren’t hanging outside, be sure to apply sunscreen as you start your day to protect you from any sun exposure. If you are spending your day at the beach, lake, etc., remember to reapply often as sunscreen smears and fades – especially on a sweaty day.

Even if you find your skin oily during these hot months, don’t ditch your moisturizing routine. Switching to a lightweight moisturizer can bring you the protection your skin needs without leaving you feeling sticky or over moisturized. A water-based lightweight moisturizer helps continue to fight wrinkles, reduce the appearance of existing blemishes, and help promote skin rejuvenation.

Find Your Glow at ASBS

If your skin still isn’t to your satisfaction, your Bellevue spa is here to help get you your skin care glow. Let us help you prepare for your days on the beach, lake, or community pool with our June specials on laser hair removal, micropenning, and more! Request an appointment or call us today at 425-643-5772.

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Liz Taylor was born with a rare mutation that gave her a double row of thick black eyelashes. (Source: http://bodyodd.nbcnews.com)I mean really, naturally violet eyes and a double row of eyelashes! Some girls have all the luck.

Well, don’t go getting envious of Liz’s lashes. The mutation Liz was born with can,  and in most cases does, lead to all kinds of eye problems. Besides, if you really want to experience a fit of jealousy, focus your attention on the camel. They are the mammals with the longest and thickest eyelashes of all.

I never recommend one bit of envy. It’s a poisonous emotion that only hurts the one experiencing it. I do, however, highly recommend getting the lush eyelashes of your dreams. Whether you were born with thick lashes and they have thinned out over the years, or whether you were born with thin, light colored lashes that are barely visible. Now you can have eyelashes that would even make Liz dizzy with envy!

Russian-Style, 3D Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, having landed in the U.S., we get to turn up the volume and the beauty on our eyes.

These 3D synthetic lashes are so much thinner and lighter than the classic eyelash extensions that a single natural lash can accommodate; the new ones with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 fan-like extensions per lash. That means if you have 100 eyelashes, you could have 200, 300, 400 or even 500 more lashes with the Volume Upgrade Extensions. Imagine the dramatic difference that lushness would make framing your eyes!

If your natural lashes are full and you simply want to add a bit of length or curl, classic lash extensions are still the perfect choice for you. However, if your lashes are sparse, thin, and barely visible, Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions will take your eyes to new extremes of beauty.

The FOXC2 Gene or Foxy Too

Apparently Liz Taylor’s double line of lush lashes came about as a result of a genetic mutation in the FOXC2 gene.  Sounds like “foxy too, ” doesn’t it? Even her genetic mutation sounds beautiful! You can look foxy, too with Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, without the worry that usually comes along with that particular genetic mutation.

Be super selective when choosing both, the salon where you have your Volume Lash Extensions applied and the training of the stylist. As always, look for a pristine environment, excellent products and exceptionally trained stylists.

The experienced lash stylists at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions have successfully completed advanced training to apply Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions. They’re ready to “volume-eyes” your lashes whenever you are ready to look like you were born with thick, full, beautiful eyelashes.

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lash extensions bellevue

You’ve been admiring those almost unbearably thick, luscious lashes, on some of the most popular TV personalities and seductive movie stars. Now these new lashes are making their debut at Advanced Skin & Body Solutions. Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions, also called Russian-style or 3D lashes, have already fluttered through and captivated Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Now, it’s our turn to “volume-eyes” with this exciting new beauty trend.

It only makes sense that once length and curl were perfected with traditional lash extensions that the next progression would lead to greater volume. Now, instead of one synthetic lash being applied to each single, carefully separated eyelash, new Volume Lashes let you add as many as 5 extensions per natural lash. Thanks to ever evolving technology, these 3D synthetic lashes are so much thinner and lighter that a single natural lash can accommodate the new ones with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 extensions per lash. Due to the whisper lightness of Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions they are equally as safe and non-damaging as the traditional extensions, and may last a little longer too.

If your natural lashes are full and you simply want to add a bit of length or curl, classic lash extensions are perfect for you. However, if your lashes are sparse, thin, and barely visible, Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions will take your eyes to new extremes of beauty.

Our experienced lash stylists have successfully completed advanced training to apply Volume Upgrade Lash Extensions. They’re ready to give you the lush lashes you’ve always wanted.  Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today!

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lash extensions Bellevue
Completed set of Xtreme lash extensions

Anyone who has had a bad experience with eyelash extensions is likely to contribute to the fears and myths that have grown up around this exciting beauty revolution. But you have to admit, millions of women cannot be wrong.

Like anything else in the world of beauty, eyelash extensions can be applied correctly by a highly trained and skillful stylist, or incorrectly by someone of lesser skill and training. In addition, a great range of quality exists in the products. Fortunately, the positive experiences far outweigh the negative ones. However, the myths endure and, because some people still have fears surrounding eyelash extensions, they are worth looking into.

Eyelash extensions are a luxurious addiction and well worth it when skillfully applied using high quality products. Consider the time, patience, and skill required – it takes anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. And, consider the care that is required applying them to the area around the sensitive eye. When applied correctly and skillfully most women will do whatever they must to maintain this alluring habit – even if that means giving up a few lattés and lunches every month.

With “lash lounges” popping up in every mall and on every corner with minimally trained lash stylists, you may be tempted to be seduced by a low price. That’s how the fears and myths got started. Don’t subject yourself to anything less than the highest quality.

Bellevue eyelash extensions
Before on the left, After on the right

Do your research. Have a consultation with an exceptional lash stylist and ask lots of questions before you book an appointment. Know your options in terms of length of extensions as well as the products used. And be aware of this common myth.

Myth: Lash Extensions damage natural eyelashes causing them to fall out.

But the Truth is: Eyelashes have a natural life cycle of 60 – 90 days. The correct application is one lash extension to one natural lash. A full set is when one single extension is applied to every lash that is long enough and healthy enough for an extension. The positive aspect of the correct technique is that the real lashes continue to grow and when the growth cycle is complete, they fall out with the extension still attached.

When an inexperienced person applies lashes, they often apply one synthetic lash to several natural lashes. This causes unattractive clumps and causes lashes to break and fall out prematurely.

Other reasons this myth is still prevalent is that some women try to remove the lash extensions themselves and pull out their eyelashes. Stylists trained to apply lash extensions correctly are also trained to remove them correctly.

Good quality eyelash extensions are weightless. They look and feel absolutely natural. Forget the myths. Set aside your fears. If you want undeniable alluring, sexy eyelashes, find the best lash stylist, make an appointment and believe your own eyes!

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permanent makeup bellevue
Imagine waking up with your best face on. Imagine going for a swim, doing hot yoga, or dancing the night away in the hottest club with the confidence that your make-up is absolutely perfect. Or imagine having the scar on your lip beautifully camouflaged forever. Imagine being able to have your make up perfectly applied if you have Parkinson’s Disease, MS or any other condition that makes it impossible for you to apply your makeup on a daily basis.

With the mainstream popularity of tattooing, the art of permanent makeup is making a much welcome come back. Permanent makeup has been around for centuries. According to Cosmetic Surgery Forums, “This procedure is not new, as it dates back to the Egyptian days of Cleopatra (the Queen of Egypt), thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is believed to have been adorned with permanent makeup and Egyptian mummies have been recovered with face and body tattoos intact. Also, the ancient Japanese art of Tebori boasts full-body tattooing intricately done by hand.”

Without a doubt, the primary desire for permanent makeup is vanity. However, the art provides solutions to medical problems as well that can make people feel whole and restore their confidence.

The natural beauty of permanent makeup requires artistry, skill, and subtlety

The beauty of permanent makeup is a look that is natural — the result of artistry, skill, and subtlety, as well as an understanding of color and facial symmetry. When selecting an artist to apply your permanent make up procedure you will want to consider a variety of factors. Education, state and local certification for safety and cleanliness, and the experience of the artist/aesthetician are crucial and carry equal importance. A skillful artist can create the most natural look that will make you feel pretty and polished. Be sure to ask for a free consultation with the Aesthetician and ask to see before and after photos. Ask to speak with clients who have had the same procedures you are considering. Ask to see the equipment and where the procedure will be done.

According to Tawnya Lemley, Permanent Makeup Artist, Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent Lash Stylist in the Bellevue area, “You want to be sure that the artist you select to do your permanent makeup has the same idea of beauty that you do. You must trust their knowledge of color. Ask lots and lots of questions until you are completely satisfied.”

The point of permanent makeup is to feel confident and beautiful with your makeup. Carefully selecting your artist, based on experience, safety, cleanliness, artistic ability, and your personal idea of beauty will far exceed whatever price you pay.

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eyelash extensions bellevue Some habits are harder to break than others. However when you spend time and money on one of today’s most seductive beauty treatments, you will want to do everything you can to break some long-held beauty habits — immediately. Eyelash extensions are stunningly beautiful. They are time consuming to attach and they must be filled in as the real lashes grow out and when extensions come unglued as sometimes happens. Next to the research you do to find an exceptional salon or lash lounge, after care is the single most important thing to consider. Whether you’ve already begun your lash addiction or are getting ready to lavish yourself with lash extensions, commit these few no-no’s to memory. When strictly adhered to, your beautiful lush lashes will last long, longer, longest between fills.

Say “no-no” to water

Make your eyes a wet-free zone for 48 hours. Stay dry! This is the number one rule for keeping those lush lashes attached. That means no crying, no swimming, no splashing your face with water. And avoid getting your face wet in the shower. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself to lash extensions before a wedding, or other important event make sure to schedule your lash application at least 3 days prior! And don’t watch or go to any sad movies! Or happy ones either if you are prone to tears of joy. Anytime after the first 48-hours, you can let the tears flow!

Say “no-no” to oil based products

Make your eyes an oil-free zone from now on. If it’s greasy, it’s got to go! Oil is a lubricant and even the strongest adhesives will come unglued. With your gorgeous, long, lush lash extensions you will no longer use oil-based eyeliner or make up remover. A line of oil-free products compatible with lash extensions has already been developed to remove eye shadow and eyebrow pencil. Your lash technician can make recommendations. And be sure to use lint free swabs around your lashes that won’t accidentally snag and pull at your extensions.

Say “no-no” to mascara

Make your eyes a mascara free zone. Remove mascara from your make-up case! You just won’t need it anymore. Lash extensions are a replacement for mascara. You may even find you’ll forgo eyeliner too, since the lashes attach at the lash line giving you the look of liner. Besides being a daily little time-saver, the money you save on expensive mascara can now go toward your lash fills. If you just can’t make the break from mascara, do be sure to invest in one that is compatible with lash extensions. You are now prepared to say yes to lash extensions and to look and feel more glamorous and beautiful than ever.

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Let’s be honest—most women hate putting on makeup every morning. It’s tedious, and it’s a waste of time. How much extra sleep could you get each night if you didn’t have to spend so much time in front of the mirror before heading off to work?

And yet, as women, we continue to spend hours each week applying makeup.


Because we have to look our best. Going to work, to school, or even to lunch without makeup on just isn’t an option.

The choice is simple—spend hours applying makeup, or start the day feeling insecure and unattractive.

But what if I told you that there was another option?

Well… there is.

Let me tell you about permanent cosmetics. Permanent cosmetic makeup is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as “micropigmentation”, “micropigment implantation” or “dermagraphics”. The cosmetic makeup implantation technique deposits tiny individual implants of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

Permanent cosmetics and makeup procedures are performed using various machines and methods, including the traditional (or specialized) tattoo or coil machines, the pen or rotary machine and the non-machine or hand method.

Permanent cosmetics procedures include the initial consultation, initial application of pigment, and usually one or two follow up visits for adjusting the shape and color or density of the pigment.

When your treatment is complete, you’re free—no more spending hours each morning in front of your mirror! You can stop worrying about smudges. You don’t have to worry about water washing your makeup away.

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, our permanent cosmetics expert is Tawnya Lemley. Tawnya has specialized in permanent cosmetics for nearly a decade now—and she is passionate about helping women feel better about themselves. Tawnya uses the Nouveau Countour digital permanent makeup machine (www.nouveaucontour.com) – and she would like to personally invite you to come in and experience the stunning results for yourself.

Permanent cosmetics can be an ideal solution for many women, including:

  • Physically active people who want to look their best throughout activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics, and don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics.
  • Those with allergies and sensitive skin who often can’t wear other cosmetics.
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying their cosmetics.
  • Motor impaired individuals including arthritics, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors, and those with unsteady hands who cannot apply their own makeup.
  • Women who want to look their best all the time, even when they wake up.
  • Mothers and other busy professionals who don’t have time for makeup.

What do you think? Are you ready to look your best—without applying makeup each day? If so, give us a call at 425-643-5772 today!

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Fall is here again—the leaves are starting to change, the kids are back in school, and Spa Week is right around the corner!  If you have been a longtime Advanced Skin and Body Solutions customer, you have no doubt been looking forward to this event all year.  For those of you unfamiliar with Spa Week, it is a nationwide event, held this year from October 10 to October 16, in which full-service spa treatments are offered for only $50!  Our customers love Spa Week, and we are so excited to be participating this year!

Whether you regularly visit our spa or you will be a first-time visitor, at Advanced Skin and Body Solutions we offer a wide variety of treatments. Recently, one of our most popular offerings has been our Synergie Light Treatment.  In contrast to high power lasers which are used for surgery or “peels” this low power light treatment stimulates the cells in order to produce softer, more youthful-looking skin. Typically light in the red and near-infrared (invisible light) spectrum are used for treating aging, photo-damaged or blotchy skin and tissue regeneration.  Light Therapy is safe when applied properly and has no feeling except for a very mild warmth. The power of the Light Therapy device being used determines the length of time required to perform a complete facial. Those seeking more beautiful and younger looking skin can look forward with great anticipation to having Light Therapy as part of their beauty regimen.

In addition to our Synergie Light Treatment, Advanced Skin and Body Solutions offers everything from age-defying facials to sunless tanning and eyelash extensions—in short, we have what it takes to have you looking and feeling your best!

At Advanced Skin and Body Solutions, we are proud to provide exceptional service to each and every one of our clients—in fact, our service is one of the secrets to our success.  If you have heard the buzz surrounding our spa but haven’t had the chance to experience it for yourself, Spa Week offers the perfect opportunity!  For more information about Spa Week, visit http://www.spaweek.com.  To book your treatment at our Spa, call us today at 425-643-5772!  Spots go quickly, so don’t delay.  See you at the Spa!

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